uZard Web P ~ a server-based Web browser for Windows Mobile & BlackBerry

Yeah… I love competition. There is more and more mobile browser nowadays. uZard Web P is another one server-based Web browser like Skyfire from Logicplant, Korea. Therefore, it supports flash, Silverlight… But it is currently on beta v2.0. So you will see some bugs like connection failure from time to time.

uZard Web P Features

  • Complete Support of Video and Audio
  • Real-time Multimedia File Uploading to the Web
  • Daily Lives of You and Your Friends in Your Hand
  • Same UX (User Experience) as Your PC

Personally, I love uZard Web P. It has wonderful UI buttons. And I prefer to see website like the way I surf with desktop / notebook ~ full desktop view with no text reflow on my HTC HD2. However, uZard Web P beta is not perfect yet. Connection breakdown is one of the major issues now. But I am looking forward on its final release. By the way, I tested Windows Mobile version only. So I don’t have any idea on BlackBerry version…

Download uZard Web P Beta v2.0 here.


  1. Wow. RenDers everything perfectly. Way to go Logic plant. Can’t wait for the actual release but I am perfectly happy with the current version. Literally no difference to the desktop experience. I think this is almost as good as the Android browser. Highly recommended.


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