Vinnfier ECCO 2 Review – A Budget USB Powered 2.1 Speaker with Lovely RGB Lights

What can you buy with RM50 nowadays? A 24W USB powered 2.1 speaker. Yes, Vinnfier ECCO 2 is the one. It is loaded with lovely RGB lighting effects. Comes with one 3″ main driver and two 2″ speaker units. Does it sound great? Read on to find out…

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Package Content & Design
There is ECCO 2 speaker itself in the package. You don’t need to read user manual to use USB powered speaker. AUX plug to audio output and USB plug to power source. That’s all.

Build quality is decent for the price. Sturdy plastic housing is what you get. Light in weight and small in size. There are master volume, treble and bass control button in the front. You can’t miss the lovely RGB lights too.

At the back, there is a 3″ driver which act as subwoofer. And a tiny bass reflex port there too.

Alright, these are the satellite speakers. A very small one when compared to normal desktop unit.

Yup, the AUX cable and USB cable that merged together.

Performance Result
ECCO 2 is good enough to use in a quiet small room. 12W pure power output (RMS) is able to do so. As long as you keep it close to you. You are good to go.

Bright sound signature is what you get from ECCO 2. The main 3″ driver does help a bit on pushing more bass to you. But don’t expect much from this small driver. Overall, it sounds great for the price. Treble is clear and clean. Feel some light bass punching here and there. Oh, that’s the sound settings with max bass and min treble volume. You can adjust them to suit your needs too. In short, it’s a nice little 2.1 speaker system for desktop and laptop.


  • Clear & clean sound
  • Decent build quality
  • Lovely LED lights
  • Lightweight & small in size


  • Sound can be louder
  • Bass can be stronger

Enjoy clear and clean sound from Vinnfier ECCO 2. Easy to use with USB power. Don’t forget the lovely LED light effects too. Wait no more and get yours at Lazada.


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