Vinnfier FlipGear Tango 303 WM Review

Karaoke all day long… Yes, you can do so with Vinnfier FlipGear Tango 303 WM that comes with a free wireless microphone. It’s a portable loudspeaker with 30W total output power. Loaded with Bluetooth, FM radio, built-in MP3 player, sound recording, TWS support, 7 colours pulsating LED light and microphone input. By the way, there is a remote control too. Sound great? Read on to know more…

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Package Content & Design
There are FlipGear Tango 303 WM, micro USB cable, wireless microphone, remote control and user manual. Hmm… No AUX audio cable can be found. Guess that it’s Bluetooth world nowadays.

Build quality is great thanks to solid and sturdy ABS plastic chassis. All the inputs, outputs and navigation buttons are located on top. Follow by 5.25″ main speaker driver with LED lights.

Here are some of the inputs and ports.

4 anti-skid pads that provide stability to the speaker even during loud music playback.

Performance Result
Yeah… Outstanding wireless range is what you get from Vinnfier FlipGear Tango 303 WM. Easily reach up to 9m even with obstacles like walls. In addition, audio and video are virtually in-sync. That’s great for movie, games on your mobile devices no doubt. AUX input is always there for non-Bluetooth devices but you need to use own cable then. FM reception is excellent as well. The built-in player can play MP3 and even FLAC files. Hurrah, no need to convert all my FLAC files to MP3 anymore. By the way, it can’t remember last used audio source. Always start in Bluetooth mode.

The free bundled wireless microphone is average at best. Hmm… The built-in microphone amplifier is so so only too. Therefore, you need to put mic close to your lips in order to get clear voice. Anyway, you can always invest a better one. The remote control does come in handy. You can control FlipGear Tango 303 from far away. There are 6 sound equalizers to select too. And can use to record sound as well.

30W total power output is good enough to blast in a quiet tuition center or large living room. No treble and bass volume control can be found. But surprisingly, FlipGear Tango 303 sounds better than I expected. Surely sound great for the price. Balanced sound signature is what you will get. Clear treble and well controlled bass. But don’t expect subwoofer kind of boom boom bass. Overall, it’s a great portable speaker for all type of activities.


  • Great for teacher & karaoke
  • Wide wireless mic & Bluetooth range
  • Bluetooth, FM radio & MP3 / FLAC player (USB & SD)
  • Decent build quality
  • Ultra portable


  • Can’t remember last used audio source
  • Average wireless microphone
  • Can’t turn off LED lights

A budget yet powerful portable loudspeaker that sounds great. Period. Comes with a lot of useful features for you and me. Get a better microphone and karaoke all day long. Interested? Do get yours at Lazada then.


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