Vinnfier HyperBar 100 BTR Review

Looking for a portable soundbar with Bluetooth, FM, and built-in MP3 player? Check out Vinnfier HyperBar 100 BTR. It is loaded with 18W total power (RMS) – 2 X 2″ speaker driver with 9W each. Powered by 1500 mAh built-in battery. Great for both TV and PC. And can place it anywhere you want since it’s portable. Does it sound great? Let’s find out…

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Package Content & Design
HyperBar 100 BTR comes well protected just like other Vinnfier products. Once taken the soundbar out, you can find stereo 3.5mm audio cable, AUX cable (3.5mm to RCA), micro USB charging cable and user manual.

Build quality is excellent with metal housing. Simple yet stylish in design. Length about 24″ PC monitor wide by the way. Perfect to put it right under monitor. Or in front of TV at the living room.

Al the inputs and buttons are located on the right. You can take HyperBar 100 and play song at everywhere that you want. Or connect to power source for unlimited time playback.

Yes, external FM radio antenna is there. And anti-skid pads on both left and right bottom.

Performance Result
Vinnfier HyperBar 100 BTR can fill up large and quiet living room with 16W total power. Louder than normal TV built-in speakers. Added a little more bass too. But don’t expect subwoofer kind of bass level. You need HyperBar 300 with dedicated subwoofer for deep and powerful bass. Overall, HyperBar 100 provides clear and nice sound for the price. Treble is clean without any harshness. By the way, there is a passive radiator in the middle that helps to boost bass a bit. Good for a soundbar.

Bluetooth range is great! Up to 7m+ with obstacles like wall. Easily pass 10m in line of sight. In addition, it has almost no lag between video and audio. That’s great for games, movie on your smartphone and tablet indeed. And there is battery life indicator on both Android and iOS devices. Great to know when to charge the soundbar. Lastly, AUX cable is there for non-Bluetooth devices like TV or DAP.

FM radio is working great thanks to external antenna. Just adjust it to get the best signal reception at your area. Loud and clear FM playback over here. For local playback, just plug in your USB flash drive. It will start to play your favourite MP3 then. Yes, it does remember the last audio mode and continues to playback the last MP3 song when power on back. That’s great!


  • Great sound for the price
  • Excellent build quality
  • Wide Bluetooth range
  • FM radio & MP3 support
  • LED display for audio mode


  • Wish there is more bass

Budget yet performing wireless soundbar. Great for both PC and TV. Enjoy wide Bluetooth range, clear FM radio and built-in MP3 player too. Interested? Buy yours at Shopee or Lazada.


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