Vinnfier Ultra 7 BTR Review

Hi guys, check out this ultimate gaming companion with 80W total power (RMS), 7 colour pulsating LED, Bluetooth, FM radio, remote control, LED display and built-in MP3 player. Yes, Vinnfier Ultra 7 BTR is a 2.1 speaker system with cutting-edge sound performance and elegant design. Does it sound great? Read this review to find out…

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Package Content & Design
Vinnfier Ultra 7 BTR comes in a big packaging box. Well protected no doubt. Once taken out the speakers, you can find 3.5mm AUX audio cable, FM radio antenna, multi-function remote controller and user manual.

Basically, it is like a smaller brother of Vinnfier Champ 808 BTRM. As usual, build quality is decent with tough wooden cabinet. Most of the housing for both satellite speakers and subwoofer are using MDF wood except the front plastic panel and metal speaker grill. Lastly, do refer to below photos for its design in details.

A big square of subwoofer with 6.5″ bass driver in front and bass reflex port on the left. All the media playback controls are located on the right. SD slot and USB port are located on the front plastic cover.

Finally, 2 tall long satellite speakers that loaded with 2 x 3″ drivers each. But no tweeter can be found. They look the same as Champ 808.

Performance Result
Vinnfier Ultra 7 BTR Bluetooth range is as great as its big brother. Yes, ultra wide coverage up to 8m+ with obstacles like wall. As expected, it is great for movie and games on mobile devices too as it has almost no lag between video and audio. FM radio signal is clear thanks to adjustable external antenna. As usual, it is depended on your area FM coverage. As for the remote control, it can easily serve up to 8m in your big living room. In short, all wireless connections are great!

Colourful 7 colours pulsating LED. But a simpler one this round. Still nice though. As usual, you can turn if off manually. MP3 player works perfectly. Just plug in SD card or USB flash drive with songs will do. It will start to play or continue to playback the period that stopped previously. Enjoy your favourite music all day long.

Yes, there is a treble volume control on top of bass control this round. A nice touch for sure. You can adjust treble and bass output level easily to match your sound preferences – balance sound signature is what I prefer. Or you can also set it as U shape to have more exciting listening experience. Totally up to you. And the 40W subwoofer can produce powerful deep bass that great in gaming and movie. Thanks to treble volume control, you can enjoy sparkling bright on treble this round. In short, Vinnfier Ultra 7 BTR sounds great for its price. Period.

Oh, as for loudness, 80W is more than enough to throw a small party in big living room. Just make sure that you don’t disturb your neighbour will do.


  • Ultra strong bass with nice treble
  • Let’s party all day long
  • Bluetooth, FM radio & MP3 player (SD & USB)
  • Outstanding Bluetooth range
  • Nice LED effects


  • Can’t remember last used audio source

Looking for a budget yet powerful 2.1 speaker system for gaming and movie. Do check out Vinnfier Ultra 7 BTR. You will like it as I do. More information can be found at Vinnfier Website. And wait no more and get yours at Lazada now.


  1. I listened to this Vinnfier 7BTR yesterday at All IT with 3 others. You know what?
    The bass seemed good for the asking price but the highs were super shrilly, disjointed from the midrange or peaky some might say. Terrible!

  2. No but the salesman quickly suggested we look at Edifier which he said was his preferred choice in that price range. Have you heard anything lately for around this price range to rm600 that sounds like a good JBL?


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