Vinnfier Xenon 3 BTRM Review – Outstanding Budget 2.1 Speaker System for the Price!

Hey guys, I found a sub RM150 2.1 speaker system with outstanding sound. Meet Vinnfier Xenon 3 BTRM. It is loaded with 68W total power output, Bluetooth 5.0, FM radio, built-in player (USB & SD), 2 microphone inputs for karaoke and so on. Does it really sound that great? Read on to find out…

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Package Content & Design
Everything comes well-protected. Once taken out Xenon 3, there are 3.5mm AUX to RCA audio cable, IR remote control and user manual. As usual, do go through the user manual to know more about it.

Build quality is excellent for the price. Thanks to tough MDF cabinet for both subwoofer and satellite speakers. The front part is mostly glossy plastic with few matte ones. As usual, please refer to below photos for its design in detail. Compact yet stylish in design.

This is the 18W subwoofer. 4″ bass driver and reflex port on the right. Audio input and output are located at the back. 2 microphone inputs, power on/off switch, external FM radio antenna and power cord are there too.

3″ satellite speakers’ driver. Satellites is having 8W output each. No tweeter, that’s is just a plastic. Do take note…

Performance Result
Excellent Bluetooth 5.0 performance. Xenon 3 can reach up to 7m+ with obstacles like wall. In addition, it has virtually no lag between video and audio. Perfect for playing games and watching movies on smartphone/tablet. For non-Bluetooth devices, AUX connection is always there for you.

Radio signal reception is excellent too. All thanks to the adjustable external antenna. Built-in media player works smoothly. FLAC format is supported on top of the usual MP3. That’s great! Wait, there is even more good news. Xenon 3 remembers the last used audio source and all the settings after power off. A feature that most budget speakers miss out.

34W total power (RMS) is good enough to blast in a large quiet room. The 18W subwoofer does an excellent job even small in size. Yes, you can feel the bass pumping here and there (bass volume max up). Powerful and deep bass for its size.

Sound Quality
Xenon 3 has balanced toward bright sound signature out of the box. Thanks to treble and bass volume control, you can change it to suit your taste. Personally, I bump up the bass to max at level 10. Treble as default. You can reduce it if you feel it is little bit too bright.

Outstanding sound for the price. I hardly find a budget speaker system that having well-tuned sound. Yes, Xenon 3 does. In short, it’s a keeper no doubt. It has sparkling bright treble. So clean and clear. In addition, it does not bring any harshness. Mids are performing well too for both female and male vocal. Bass is deep and powerful for its size. Thanks to solid subwoofer closure. Bass is much more impactful. Yes, you can literally feel the bass when close to it.

Besides, you can use Xenon 3 to sing karaoke. It supports 2 mic inputs some more. You can also adjust microphone echo, delay, treble, bass and volume through the IR remote control. In short, Xenon 3 is a wonderful budget 2.1 speaker system that you don’t want to miss!


  • Outstanding sound for the price
  • Crips treble & deep powerful bass
  • Bluetooth, FM radio & FLAC/MP3 player
  • Microphone inputs for karaoke
  • Excellent build quality for the price
  • Remember settings values after power off
  • Super value


  • None from me

Wait no more and get your Vinnfier Xenon 3 BTRM at Shopee or Lazada now! Enjoy crisp treble and powerful deep bass. Karaoke all day long with the free microphone. Why are you still at here? Go buy now!!!


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