ViviBright F40 / F40UP Review – Excellent Budget 1080P LCD Projector for Both Movie & Games

Hey guys, meet my very first Android 1080P LCD projector – ViviBright F40UP. Basically, it is F40 with Android OS built-in. Loaded with 4800 Lumens and 15,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Great for both games and movie? Let’s have a close look now…

Well, that’s all for ViviBright F40UP Projector review. Perfect for both movie and games. Get the cheaper F40 basic version if you don’t need Android OS. Grab it at Banggood now!


  1. My vivibright F40 worked 3 times after purchase. When working it sounded like a fat dragon snoring. Nothing against a fat dragon snoring, but it is not very relaxing to watch a movie feeling in bed with a fat dragon. After those 3 times, it projects red color as black. There is color adjustment menu. It does not change anything. It really seems that color adjustment is just fake. On the manual it says i have 2 years warranty. On the product there is no serial number. And i don’t find any customer service whatsoever responding. Just don’t waste your money on this. Doesn’t matter it is cheap. Even 20 cents on it would be a waste.


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