Wired Tether for Android (rooted phone)

My home broadband connection, Streamyx is having issue again. It keeps disconnecting and connecting (DSL is not connected issue). So it is time for me to use my HTC HD2 as modem again. But I don’t want to use wireless connection this time, but going to try Wired Tether for Root Users. It is the same as Wireless Tether for Root Users but using USB cable instead of Wi-Fi connection. It is good for single user usage and can charge your phone at the same time.

Wired Tether for Root Users

Note – besides root level requirement, Wired Tether needs a custom-kernel which supports RNDIS. Do refer to its website for more info if you cannot use it.

Download Wired Tether v1.4 here.


  1. I can see this being useful if you’re going to be tethering for a long time and don’t want to drain your phone battery by tethering wireless-ly. I’m not currently having and trouble with my broadband at home, but I might download this just to use at a coffee shop or something and not having to worry about my phone battery.

    Good luck fixing your Streamyx issues. It’s always a bummer when your home broadband cuts out!

  2. Great work here Jayce

    What to use as a cable to connect my Nexus 7 Android Version 4.2 to my trusty old HTC Hero?

    Where to look for female mini usb to micro female usb crossover cable?

    Thank you & Enjoy



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