XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro Review – Excellent Portable Projector for Movie & Games!

Cinematic brilliance for on-the-go! Enjoy excellent image quality at 1080p with 400 ISO lumens. 90% DCI-P3 colour gamut at D65 colour temperature standard. Intelligent Screen Adaption Technology 2.0 supports uninterrupted auto keystone, focus, eye protection and so on. Two 8W stereo speakers with Dolby Audio support. Official Android TV 11.0 with plenty of apps and games from Google Play Store. That’s not all, it can be powered by 65W power bank too. Interested? Let’s have a closer look at XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro 1080P Smart Projector now…

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XGIMI’s story began in 2013, and since then, the state-of-the-art projectors have helped over 4 million people worldwide to create genuinely immersive audio-visual experiences. Working with reputable partners like Google, Harman/Kardon, and Texas Instruments, they build incredible all-in-one entertainment devices, perfected due to their user-oriented philosophy. Through industry-leading innovation, streamlined setups, and unique designs, XGIMI always strives to develop the best home and portable projectors for everyone to enjoy.

Package Content
Everything comes well protected in this nice package. It came in another box during shipping by the way.

Alright, let’s a look at the included accessories first. There is a useful Bluetooth remote control with dedicated Google Assistant and focus buttons. 2 AAA batteries are included too. Followed by a power adaptor with worldwide support. You will get the correct plug for your country.

Here is the handy user guide in multiple languages along with other useful documents. As usual, take your time to go through them.

Design & Build Quality
Outstanding build quality and stylish in design. It comes in sandstone-textured mocha cold colour. Much smaller than the usual standard projector. Compact in size (161 × 119 × 108mm) and weight at 1.1kg only. Ease to carry around no doubt.

The high light transmission coated lens, 3D ToF module and all the sensors are located in the front. Yup, those sensors are the one that makes ISA 2.0 possible.

Both left and right are equipped with a 8W speaker unit. They support Dolby Audio, Dolby Digital (DD) and Dolby Digital Plus (DD+). In addition, they also support 4 professional audio modes – movie, sports, music and news. The sound quality is excellent for its size. Loud and clear. Again, bass is powerful for such a small profile.

The air outlet is located at the back. Followed by the USB-C port with power bank support, USB 2.0 port, HDMI 2.0 port and headphone jack output. And you can’t miss the lovely visible bass diaphragm. Yup, see the powerful bass in action yourself.

XGIMI Logo, power button and LED Light indicator are located on the top.

A big round anti-skid pad and standard camera mount can be found at the bottom. That’s all.

Take the 1080P cinematic experience anywhere! Yes, MoGo 2 Pro is your ultimate entertainment companion. Perfect for outdoor activities like camping trip, movie night and so on. All thanks to the external power bank support. Of course, this does not limit to outdoor. It’s working great for indoor too. You can carry it from room to room easily. Besides entertainment, you can use it for office works as well.

You can even use it as a secondary monitor. As you can see, I can watch video and surf the Internet at the same time. Cool, right?

Smart Screen Calibration
Place it anywhere that you prefer. XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro will do the rest for you all thanks to the latest Intelligent Screen Adaption Technology 2.0. It supports uninterrupted auto keystone and auto focus. Besides, it is also loaded with intelligent eye protection, obstacle avoidance and screen alignment. Yes, they are fast and accurate. And you can also fine-tune it manually in the end if needed. In short, they are very useful and a must-have feature for mini portable projector.

Projection Sizes
MoGo 2 Pro can be used during the day easily. I am projecting at 80″ screen size with all lights turned on in my room right now. Based on my calculation, it has 410 ANSI Lumens out of the box. And has around 8700K colour temperature. Brightness is reduced when set to D65 colour temperature but this is expected.

Below is 130″ screen size in a totally dark room. As usual, everything looks better now. For your information, it has 1.18 throw ratio. So you don’t need a big room to enjoy large screen size. As usual, keep the screen as small as possible for the best experience.

Image Quality
Excellent optical image quality with 0.23” DMD chips by Texas Instruments. 1080p display output through XPR Technology. And using LED as light source. Support D65 color temperature standard used in Hollywood and having 90% DCI-P3 colour gamut. The best part – no calibration is needed out of the box. You can start to enjoy accurate, vivid and colourful images then. Of course, you can also fine-tune them if you want.

Based on my calculation, MoGo 2 Pro has 115% sRGB and 81% DCI P3 colour gamut volume. These are based on 6500K colour temp. And having around 400:1 contrast ratio out of the box. Outstanding brightness uniformity at 92%.

Text Quality
Text performance is excellent. You can use it to surf the Internet. Or present PowerPoint to your group member during the work. The texts are clear. For extreme tests, MoGo 2 Pro passed with ease. The corners are perfectly sharp and in focus. Pixel performance is great as you can see.

Android TV
This is the official Google certified Android TV 11.0 that XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro is using. 2GB RAM and 16GB storage are more than enough for your daily entertainment needs. Fast and smooth. And rest assured that all the applications that require Google services will work as expected.

Yup, plenty of applications and games in Google Play Store. You can download Disney+, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, and many more from there. Of course, you can also install them through APK method as well. Totally up to you.

Video Playback Performance
MoGo 2 Pro is your portable movie projector. The HDMI 2.0 port can support up to 4K input. It is loaded with HDR10 and 3D support too. As for video playback performance, it is outstanding. Both 24Hz and 50Hz are great. 60Hz is the best with perfectly smooth playback. For the most common video app – YouTube, it can play 4K@60 video with VP9 codec smoothly.

Other streaming apps like Disney Plus and Prime Video are working properly too. 4K HDR with Dolby Audio support. However, native Netflix is not working. But there is a workaround to make it work through 3rd party apps like Desktop Manager or Netflix – Kodi Edition. No worries, you can use a TV stick as well.

Google Assistant & Chromecast
Voice command through Google Assistant is working great. You can access all your home devices easily through it. In addition, Chromecast is working smoothly too. The response is excellent for 5G wireless connection. Yes, you can share photos with your friends and family. And even cast videos from your smartphone to the projector easily. FYI, Airplay is also supported for iOS devices through 3rd party app – Magicast.

Gaming Experience
Excellent input lag at 22ms only in game mode! Perfect for casual games indeed. I am surprised that XGIMI didn’t advertise it as one of the advantages.

Perfectly smooth on the Nintendo Switch game console. PS5 is working excellently on MoGo 2 Pro as well. Yup, you can enjoy all your favourite games while on-the-go.


  • Excellent 1080P image quality
  • Bright at 400 ISO Lumens
  • 115% sRGB & 81% DCI P3 colour gamut volume
  • 22ms HDMI input lag
  • ISA 2.0 support
  • 16W stereo speakers with Dolby Audio
  • Official Android TV 11.0
  • Portable, compact & lightweight
  • Power bank supported


  • No native Netflix support

XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro is one of the best portable projectors for on-the-go. Period. Excellent Full HD image quality with wide colour gamut. Perfect for both movies and games. Suitable for indoor and outdoor as well. What are you waiting for? Get yours at XGIMI Website – US Store, UK Store, EU Store, Global Store or Amazon now.