Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro Best Deals

300W wheel motor that provides the max 25km/h speed and max 15 degree gradient. 12.8Ah / 37V Li-ion battery for max 45km mileage. Three mode – energy saving, standard and sport can be switched to meet your taste. 8.5 inch rubber inflatable wheels for different grounds. Quick folding design for convenient carrying in your car trunk. Aluminum alloy shell for max 100kg payload. Yes, that’s all parts of Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro features. Read on to get your discount code…

Quality build from Xiaomi that you can trust. Here is the discount voucher that you need – GBMIPRO529. Buy your Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro (Poland warehouse) ASAP. Or France warehouse. Limited unit is available.


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