XTAR AA Batteries + LC4 Charger Review – High Capacity & Continuous Discharge Current!

Unique low voltage indicator function, high capacity of 2700mWh, continuous discharge current of max 2A, more than 1200 charging cycles, all-around built-in protections, low self-discharge rate and so on… Yes, you can enjoy all these useful features with XTAR 1.5V AA Lithium Battery with Indicator. Perform well? Read on to find out…

Special Thanks
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  • XTAR for this XTAR 1.5V AA Lithium Battery with Indicator + LC4 Charger

Package Content & Design
Everything came well-protected. Mine is 4 AA batteries with LC4 Charger. The is AAA model as usual. Just pick the one that you need will do.

All 4 batteries come pre-installed at the LC4 Charger. No worries, there is a plastic cover to sperate the metal contact.

Followed by user manual in multiple languages. And a useful USB-C charging cable.

Outstanding build quality. All thanks to the sturdy plastic housing. Compact in size and light in weight. Ease to carry around during travelling too.

Nothing special at the back but just some information. By the way, the USB-C port is located on the top.

The AA battery has excellent build quality too. Solid and works well in harsh environments.

Performance Result
What makes XTAR AA Batteries special? It has green LED charging indicator built-in. Of course, that’s not all. It has 1.5V nominal voltage compared to the usual rechargeable AA batteries at 1.2V. I don’t have the exact tool to test the battery capacity. But it does last for long period. More than enough for all types of devices. For example, smart lock, toys, game controller, camera flash, mouse, flashlight and so on.

Camera flash is one of the picky devices on battery. Yes, not all the rechargeable batteries can fulfill the task properly. So far, Panasonic eneloop is the only one that is able to provide ultra-fast powering. So you can have multiple flashes in short period. Guess what, XTAR AA Batteries can do so too. They are on par with eneloop. That’s great! All thanks to 2A max continuous discharge current I believe.

As for self-charging, it took around 1 hour and 45 minutes to fully charge all 4 AA batteries. In short, fast. Any 2A power adaptor will do the trick. And don’t forget that they are loaded with a lot of protections like short-circuit, over-charge, over-discharge and passed multiple safety tests. Therefore, use them with peace of mind…


  • Unique low voltage indicator
  • High capacity of 2700mWh
  • 2A max continuous discharge current
  • A lot of safety protections
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Outstanding build quality


  • None from me

High capacity and continuous discharge current! Outstanding AA / AAA batteries for all types of usage. What are you waiting for? Get yours at Amazon or Shopee now.


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