XunLei English / Thunder English 5 alternative == Gigaget?

XunLei English / Thunder English 5 alternative == Gigaget? Gigaget is a download manager which utilizes cutting-edge Net Grid technology that improves your download speed by 7-10 times. This quote is taken from Gigaget website. Does Gigaget really will improve your download speed? Anyway, Gigaget does look alike XunLei / Thunder 5. And the best part is that it is in English. Therefore, you do not need English language pack like the way you use XunLei.

Gigaget in action

Haha… Gigaget really looks like XunLei English on outlook. However, Gigaget download speed is really slow. As you can see, it only has around 2.84KB/s when I download the Gigaget installer setup.exe. Gigaget failed to find alternative resources. Therefore, it use 1 download source ~ its own Gigaget website server which has a very slow connection. However, XunLei English does perform well by successfully find lot of alternative resources of this setup.exe file.

Besides, the most important part of all. Gigaget does not support BitTorrent and eMule network. All the p2p lover will not find Gigaget as their download manager.


  1. Hi, I have followed your insights for a long time.. I recently had my machine stolen and have been looking to find the Thunder 5 client I once used. All of the links seem to either be broken or garbage… Can you please point me in the right direction for getting the best english version of Xunlei Thunder at this time?

    thank you so much in advance


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