Zipit Chat – The communication app with military-grade AES 256 encryption

Yeah… No worry about sending sensitive confidential messages like password to others anymore. Zipit Chat is the one that saved my day. Yes, it is a communication application that encrypts all your chat, VoIP call, notes, images and emails and attachments with military grade AES 256 encryption technology. It is an end-to-end encryption, messages can only be decrypted by intended recipients. Still remember the RM100,000 challenge to break 3 codes? There is no winner as none of the contestant is able to extract the message from the encrypted text given. Rest assures that all of your communications are now protected with the highest level of security!

Furthermore, Zipit Chat has additional security feature like the “self-destruct” timer function which allows you to delete messages accordingly as another added layer of confidentiality. I lOVE IT!!! Yes, you can set the self-destruct timer from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. All messages will be removed automatically based on the timer on both party (sender and receiver). No one can trace back anymore.

Wait… There are more protections. Zipit Chat can only be accessed by an authenticated user as user will need to key in their password to access it. In addition, it also protects your conversation from leaking out by not allowing screen capture. Yes, that’s why I used camera to take above photo. Try it for yourself see. Let me know if you can screenshot Zipit Chat on your Android devices.

Stealth mode enabled… This is one of features that I like too. Zipit Chat will stay invisible with stealth mode enabled. Others will not see Zipit Chat icon on your mobile screen. Nobody will even know that you are using it at all. Cool, right?

Woo… There are lot more features to mention. Why not try it out yourself? Zipit Chat is currently on free trial until 30 November 2015. Get yours at


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