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Spice MI700 DroidPad Demo, Q & A

Here is the demo of Spice MI700 DroidPad and some questions and answers. I only wish that I was in the first blogger team which had longer session of demo. Else I could have captured more stuff here. Check out more info about Spice MI700 DroidPad here.

Download Colin McRae DiRT 2 PC demo

Yeah… I love to play racing games especially rally type. Here come another release from CodeMasters ~ Colin McRae DiRT 2. The game play and graphics are supreme. Download Colin McRae DiRT 2 PC demo for free at CodeMasters website. Try it for yourself. ;)

Far Cry 2 Benchmark Tool

Far Cry 2 Benchmark Tool. I found Far Cry 2 Benchmark Tool finally. I wanted to benchmark all the 3D games that I have starting with Far Cry 2. Normally, games will have benchmark function after pull down the development console. However, Far Cry 2 skips all the hard ways. Far Cry 2 has its own benchmark tool. It is called FC2BenchmarkTool.exe and located at C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Far Cry 2\bin.

Far Cry 2 Benchmark Tool


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