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Google Nexus 7 is the latest and greatest Android tablet from Google. However, Nexus 7 does not have tablet UI like other Android tablets (Example, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1). It has phone UI instead. Notification is dropped down from top not like tablet UI mode at right bottom. No worry, there is a simple way to enable tablet UI mode on Nexus 7. However, root access is required.

Tablet UI mode on Nexus 7


I like increasing ring feature on Samsung Galaxy S III whenever people call. However, some of you might not like this feature. How to disable increasing ring on Samsung Galaxy S3? XDA Developer, criskelo created a mod SecPhone.apk to disable increasing ring for all of us. It is proved working on XXALE8 and XXALE9 firmware. Might work on other firmware too. Try it to find out. And be sure to backup SecPhone.apk and SecPhone.odex first before try this mod.

Disable increasing ring on Samsung Galaxy S3


I always wish to have a universal portable stand for all my tablet and mobile phone. Yes, I have one that I can use on my Apple iPhone, The new iPad, Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC One X, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 now. The best universal portable stand to rule them all. In addition, it is still workable on tablet and smartphone with casing unlike silicone suction cup ball stand. This universal portable stand is the best pal of my Nexus 7 now. And will make new friend with Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 too…

Top best universal portable stand for tablet and mobile phone


Great news, XBMC lovers (including me). You can enjoy your favourite XBMC media player on Android phone and tablet from now on. So far, only software decode of audio and video are supported until universal hardware decode is ready. But it is still okay to play low bit rate video smoothly. However, do take note that current XBMC skins have been designed for use on bigger screen like PC, TV. So navigation on phone with 720p HD display like Samsung Galaxy S III requires ‘special’ skill. But no worry, with XBMC opened source code, we should get a better and stale version at Google Play Store soon…

XBMC for Android


How to check HTC One X phone, battery, usage and Wi-Fi information? Sure, you can by using a Testing application in HTC One X. You can check detailed technical phone information. Check battery status, level, health, voltage and temperature in Battery information. All the applications usage in Usage statistics. And finally Wi-Fi information…

HTC One X phone, battery, usage & Wi-Fi information