Google Nexus 7 (2013) ~ Ask your question here

Yes… Google Nexus 7 (2013) is in the house. It is not for sales at lot of places yet. So this unit came from US. Initial seller couldn’t make it on time, so I ended up getting from my previous 1st generation seller again. The availability and price of Nexus 7 (2013) at Malaysia? It should come in the middle of September or later. So don’t bother to get it from US if you can wait. As for the price, it should be RM999 for 16GB Wi-Fi and RM1099 for 32GB Wi-Fi (based on 1st gen pricing). No news about LTE version yet.

Google Nexus 7 (2013)

8GB Samsung micro SD Class 4 Card Review

Water proof, dust proof, shock proof, X-rays and magnet proof… Does your micro SD card have this kind of features? Samsung micro SD card does. Samsung is well known for its NAND flash memory chips. How about its 8GB Samsung micro SD Class 4 Card? Let’s find out…

8GB Samsung micro SD Class 4 Card

Bought Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from eBay Deals Malaysia

Err… I missed the chance to get free Samsung Galaxy Gear from Celcom. It was supposed to be a lucky draw for 100 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 subscribers for 24 months voice plans with pricey data plan. Then changed to 1st 100 customers and added with 12 months plans. Did not manage to drive to Penang when I knew this news. Anyway, I managed to grab one from eBay Deals Malaysia at RM 1999. Missed out the RM 1888 deal too as I was still sleeping during that promotion period. Too tired and felt sick after coming back from China…

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 from eBay Deals Malaysia

Redmi Note 4X Gaming Performance (Video)

Some people say that Redmi Note 4X by Xiaomi is a downgrade from Redmi Note 3 that powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 CPU with Adreno 510 GPU. Yes and no. Personally, I don’t feel any slowness on 3D gaming. But I noticed much better battery life in Redmi Note 4X. Anyway, check out the video below yourself to find out the real world gaming performance on both 2D and 3D with Adreno 506 GPU. Does it manage to run intensive 3D games like Modern Combat 5: Blackout smoothly? You tell me…

Samsung T220 or Samsung 2253BW 22″ LCD monitor

Continued from SAPPHIRE HD 4870 512MB GDDR5 PCI-E

LCD monitor… Which LCD monitor should I choose? By the way, I am using Samsung 2253BW 22″ LCD monitor at office. I don’t face any problem with it on daily office works. However, does is perform well in games? Movie? I did not try that in the office. 😛 There is another new LCD monitor from Samsung. It is Samsung T220 LCD monitor. Its outlook is better and Contrast Ratio is higher – 20,000 compare to 2253BW – 8,000. Of course, the price is higher too. As for the other specifications, they are almost the same.

Samsung T220

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