Formovie S5 In-Depth Review – All Hail The New Portable Projector King!!!

Excellent casual gaming with input lag as low as 35ms in game mode. In addition, both VRR and ALLM are supported on PS5. Enjoy your favourite movie anyplace, anytime with external power bank. Intelligent screen alignment supports uninterrupted auto keystone, focus and so on. And MEMC is supported for even smoother video playback. Lastly, it comes with Android 9.0 OS and powerful processor…

Formovie S5 is the best portable laser projector that I have tested yet. Highly recommended! Excellent Full HD image quality with wide colour gamut. Perfect for movies, games and office work. Suitable for indoor and outdoor as well. Be sure to get one from Nothing Projector Store. They provide fast shipping and tax free through local warehouse. Wait no more and get yours at AliExpress, AliExpress (EU/AU) or Nothing Projector Store.


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