FSP FP600 Review – Solid UPS & AVR Stabilizer!

Protect your electronic devices with UPS and AVR stabilizer. Yup, it is a must-have device if your area’s electricity is not stable. Or you can’t afford to have any power interruption. Well, I have a solid UPS to introduce you then – FSP FP600. It is part of FSP line-interactive FP Series UPS in a compact size. How does it perform? Read on to find out…

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Package Content & Design
It comes well-protected. There are UPS itself and user manual in Bahasa. You can download other languages soft copy at FSP website. As usual, take your time to go through it.

Build quality is great with plastic housing. Medium in size and weight around 4kg. A long one as you can see.

The power button and LED light indicator are located in the front. No LCD display as every information will interact through beeping sound and LED light. For example, static green light = AC mode. And flashing green light = battery mode.

At the back, there is a fuse and 2 sockets. It is using universal socket as you can see. So you can plug in several types of plugs as you wish easily. But do take note that it does not hold the usual thinner 2-pin EU plug power adaptor firmly. The thicker one is okay.

No anti-skid pads at the bottom. Just 4 small bumps. No worries, the UPS itself won’t move easily with 4kg in weight.

Lastly, here is the capacity that FP600 supports – 600VA / 360W. Be sure to get the correct capacity UPS for your usage. And not to overload it. For this model, any electronic devices that require 360W and below are okay.

Performance Result
FSP FP600 UPS and AVR stabilizer is loaded with embedded microprocessor controller that guarantees high reliability. It can automatically restart while AC power is recovering. Built-in AVR for voltage stabilization. In addition, it supports simulated sine wave, off-mode charging, cold start function and generator compatible.

FP600 is suitable for low power electronic devices like laptop, mini PC, router, security system, VoIP phone system and so on. Based on specs, FP 600 can support MacBook 15″ (90W) up to 19 minutes with its battery. UPS battery performance depends on your usage. Shorter on high power usage. Longer on low power usage. So how does it perform on actual usage?

For my tests, I use Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 laptop (90W). By doing casual office works like Internet surfing, watching video and so on, I manage to get 30 minutes out of it. For constant power usage, I use Mi Smart Compact Projector (65W). It is using 52W power constantly while playing YouTube video. And FP600 manages to last for 15 minutes in this round. In short, more than enough for you to save all your important office work and shutdown the mini PC properly.

By the way, FP600 also come with overload, discharge and overcharge protection. So rest assures that your electronic devices will be safely protected.


  • Built-in AVR for voltage stabilization
  • Long UPS battery life
  • Up to 360W support
  • Multiple protections
  • Great build quality
  • Universal sockets


  • Doesn’t hold 2-pin EU plug power adaptor firmly

Prevention is always better than cure! Yup, never face any important data loss, missing security footage and so on. Get your FSP FP600 UPS and AVR stabilizer at Shopee or Lazada now. More places to buy with this link.


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