SonicGear SonicGo 1, 3 & 6 Review – Lovely & Attractive LED Lighting Effects!

Lovely and attractive LED lighting effects! A lot of features like Bluetooth 5.3, FM radio, speakerphone, built-in MP3 player (USB, micro SD) and TWS. Yes, you can enjoy all the wonderful functions with the latest SonicGear SonicGo! Series. Do they perform well as portable Bluetooth speakers? Read on to find out…

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Package Content & Design
Everything comes well-protected. All the contents are the same. Besides the speakers, there are micro USB charging cable, AUX cable (SonicGo 1 doesn’t have it since no AUX port) and user manual.

Let’s a look at SonicGo 1 first. It is the smallest one with single 45mm speaker driver. Loaded with 5W RMS total power output. Great build quality and stylish design for the price. It has nice to touch fabric cover in the front. And loaded with carabiner as you can see. Hang it anywhere that you want easily.

Plastic cover at the back. It is loaded with ring LED light by the way. And 3 colours to choose – black, grey and red.

All the ports are covered on the top.

The next one – SonicGo 3. It is almost covered with fabric cover for the whole body, metal speaker grill in the front and plastic frame at the side. The front is loaded with lovely LED lights while the two 52mm speaker units are located at the back. You can’t miss the handy strap to ease you carry it around.

All the ports are covered on the top beside the buttons. Yes, AUX port is there where SonicGo 1 is missing.

The last one – SonicGo 6. The whole front is loaded with LED lights. You can’t miss it. As usual, the rest of the part is covered with fabric cover. Top and bottom are rubber to provide grip. Yes, you can place it upside down if you want.

All the ports are covered on the top. And the two 52mm speaker units are located below them. Yup, it is back firing speakers just like SonicGo 3.

Performance Result
SonicGear SonicGo! Series has the same heart inside. They have the same DSP and Bluetooth 5.3. Yes, the wireless connection is outstanding. It can connect up to 10m+ with obstacles like wall. Rock stable connection too. In addition, audio and video are virtually in-sync. Don’t forget that they support TWS function. I manage to pair SonicGo 3 and SonicGo 6 together. Yes, you can enjoy actual stereo effect then. Lastly, AUX cable is always there for non-Bluetooth devices.

Besides Bluetooth, they also support a lot of other connectivity. FM radio, MP3 player and speakerphone for phone call are supported. They are working great. Just something to take note – none of them has built-in antenna for FM. Therefore, you need to connect micro USB / AUX cable to have clear signal. Based on specs, they can play up to 4 hours of non-stop music. And take around 2 hours to fully charge.

As for sound quality, they are almost the same. In short, great sound for the price. Bright sound signature is what you get. More treble than bass. This is very common for small portable speakers. Therefore, you can enjoy clear treble and nice bass in return. They are suitable in a large quiet room by the way. Do get a pair of them if you plan to have louder sound output.

The last is always the best, right? Yup, the main selling point – Lovely and attractive LED lighting effects! SonicGo 1 has the least effect but still has. Both SonicGo 3 and 6 are loaded with a lot of animation effects. You can’t go wrong with either one of them. Just pick the one that suits you better. FYI, SonicGo 6 is the brightest among all.


  • Lovely & attractive LED lighting effects
  • Clear treble with nice bass
  • Outstanding Bluetooth range
  • Bluetooth, TWS, FM radio & MP3 player
  • Great build quality


  • No built-in antenna for FM radio

Spice up your life with a lot of colours! Yes, you can do so with SonicGear SonicGo! Series portable Bluetooth speakers. Budget yet attractive. You can get yours at Shopee or Lazada.