REIDEA R1 Review – Solid & Performing Plasma Arc Lighter!

Hey guys, meet my very first electronic lighter – REIDEA R1. It is a stylish flat USB rechargeable lighter. Windproof ignition and heat up fast. Safe to use with double lock protections. Compact and lightweight too. Suitable for indoor and outdoor. Interested? Read on…

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Package Content & Design
REIDEA R1 came in a simple package. There are USB-C cable for charging and simple user manual in multiple languages. That’s all.

Excellent build quality with sturdy zinc-alloy housing. A long and flat one as you can see. Durable and fast to cool down after use. There are 4 blue LED light indicators as the battery level just beside the REIDEA logo. The trigger is located in the middle. And the top part is the igniter.

Nothing at the back. In short, it is easy to carry around indeed.

Here are the USB-C port for charging and power button. As usual, do refer to all the photos for details.

Performance Result
Simple and easy to use! Yes, it is really windproof. And the arc plasma lighter does heat up fast. The long flat body helps to reach deep and narrow spaces too. How to use it? You need to turn on REIDEA R1 by pressing the power button at the bottom. Then push the trigger button to ignite the plasma. It will last for 7 seconds to protect high internal temperature. Lastly, it will auto power off after a few seconds too.

Yup, it is safe to use with double lock protections. It won’t heat up by mistake. As for battery life, it can last for more than 60 times ignition on a single charge. Take around 30 minutes to 1 hour to fully charge. That’s based on specifications. In short, you can light up candles easily. The same applies to gas stoves, campfires, BBQ grills and many more.


  • Heat up fast
  • Windproof ignition
  • Double safety protections
  • Excellent build quality
  • Compact & lightweight


  • None from me

REIDEA R1 Flat Electronic Candle Lighter is a keeper. Does the job very well and is safe to use. Wait no more and get yours at Amazon or AliExpress.


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