SonicGear Pandora Luma 6 Review – The Ideal Bedside Speakers For You!

Hey guys, check out the most stylish bedside speakers that I have – SonicGear Pandora Luma 6. It is loaded with adjustable ambient lighting, Bluetooth 5.4, alarm clock, FM radio and 15W fast wireless charging. Up to 4 hours of non-stop music playback with built-in battery. Performing? Let’s find out…

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Packaging and Design
Everything comes well protected. There are Pandora Luma 6, USB-C cable, 18W Quick Charge power adaptor and user manual in the package. Be sure to take your time to go through the guide.

Outstanding build quality with fabric-covered plastic housing. Stylish and lovely in design. Medium in size and light in weight. Easy to carry around with the built-in handle. All the control buttons are located on the top. The wireless charging pad is there too.

2 anti-skid pads at the bottom. The USB-C charging port and external FM radio antenna are there as well.

Yup, you can’t miss the large LED display in the front. And the lovely adjustable ambient lighting too. Perfect for bedroom indeed. You can control the brightness by touching the metal handle. 3 levels of brightness or turn off. The same applies to LED display.

Performance Result
SonicGear Pandora Luma 6 passed the Bluetooth test with flying colours. Yup, it can connect up to 10m+ with obstacles like wall. Rock stable connection too. In addition, audio and video are virtually in-sync even with SBC codec only. Great to use with mobile devices like smartphone and tablet to watch movies or play games. All thanks to the latest Bluetooth 5.4.

Yup, the built-in handle also acts as a stand to hold smartphone. Supports both horizontal and vertical modes. Based on specs, Luma 6 can play non-stop music for up to 4 hours. And requires around 3 hours to fully charge. By the way, the FM radio is working properly. Great feature for those still listening to radio the old way.

Excellent sound for bedside speakers. SonicGear Pandora Luma 6 can easily fill a quiet bedroom with 20W total power output. All thanks to the quality 52mm speaker driver. The treble is clear and the bass is decent for the size. It’s a pleasure to listen to it before sleep or after waking up. Don’t forget other useful features like wireless charging, alarm clock and so on…


  • Useful lighting & practical alarm clock
  • Ultra wide Bluetooth range
  • Outstanding build quality
  • Wireless charging support
  • Portable & lightweight
  • Stylish & lovely design


  • None from me

SonicGear Pandora Luma 6 is the ideal bedside speaker that you want to own. Period. Stylish design with a lot of useful features. Wait no more and get yours at Lazada or Shopee now.


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