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WalkingPad A1 Foldable Fitness Walking Machine by Xiaomi Youpin Best Deals

Is this the best fitness walking machine in town? It is loaded with IML technology for the panel, sandblasting texture cladding technology and aluminized molding lines of the body. Multiple protections: child lock protection, overload protection, 10-minute automatic standby, and novice speed limit protection. Has been integrated into Xiaomi’s smart home ecosystem and can be set up and adjusted through the Mijia App. Suitable for doing exercise at home, office, garden, etc. Sound great? Read on to get the best deal for WalkingPad A1…

128GB Samsung EVO Plus 2017 Review

I always wanted to try out the latest Samsung EVO Plus U3 micro SD card. Yup, that the year 2017 model. It has much better reading and writing compare to previous generation. Both 128GB and 256GB models have ultra-fast read and write speeds up to 100 MB/s and 90MB/s. So I took the 128GB model for best value and performance ratio. Does it really that great? Read this review to find out…

128GB SanDisk Ultra A1 microSD Review

SanDisk Ultra microSD is one of my favourite cards. Owning 64GB card few years back and still kicking until now. Of course, its performance is way slower compare to newer cards nowadays. 128GB SanDisk Ultra A1 microSD is the star today. It is loaded with blazing transfer speeds @ 100MB/s read and support App Performance Class 1 (A1). Does it really that fast? Let’s find out…

Meet Transcend High-speed SD & microSD cards – 500S & 300S Series

Transcend Information, Inc., a leading manufacturer of storage and multimedia products, announced today the release of the 500S and 300S series of SD and microSD cards. These memory cards, produced in capacities of up to 512GB and featuring transfer speeds of up to 95 MB/s, are a ready-made solution for the storage needs of today’s users. The gold 500S series, constructed of durable MLC flash, is ideal for action cameras and drones, while the silver 300S series SD cards are offered in capacities up to 512GB, and the microSD cards have been crafted with the smartphone market in mind.

App Performance Class 1 (A1) by SD Association

There will be more and more devices going to utilize Android Adoptable Storage. How do you know which micro SD memory card is fast enough for Adoptable Storage? No worry, SD Association introduces the first and most basic App Performance level, App Performance Class 1 or A1 for short on SD 5.1 to help us all. Yup, your Android devices will perform properly with SD cards that certified with A1 symbol. However, most of the memory cards in the market do not have this yet. How to determine it by ourselves then? I got a solution for that. Read on to find out…


XTAR MX4 Review – Solid & Performing Universal Smart Battery Charger

Introduction Hey guys, meet the latest mini smart charger from XTAR. MX4 has wide compatibility for 3.6/3.7V & 1.5V Li-ion, 3.2V LiFePO4 and 1.2V Ni-MH...


Create Your Own Cloud in Minutes with Synology BeeStation!

Synology today announced the launch of BeeStation, a new addition to its product line designed to bring personal cloud storage to everyone, particularly those...