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How to Install Developer ROM on Mi Pad 4?

Want to enjoy latest goodies from your Mi Pad 4? Install developer ROM then. It has newer stuffs and updated weekly compare to normal stable ROM. How to install it? Simple. First of all, download developer ROM in zip format. Put it at internal storage root level. Then go to Settings. Select MIUI version on top. Bring up menu selection. Then select Choose update package. Select the downloaded zip ROM then. Select Erase and update. Yes, everything will be deleted. Do your backup first. Then press it one more time.

Download MiJia 4K Mini Action Camera Firmware (Stable & Beta)

Yeah, I love Xiaomi even more. Thanks for the latest firmware update on MiJia 4K Mini Action Camera. They released both stable and beta version on 6th December. Stable firmware brings previous beta version feature – video colour menus and features, natural, vibrant and F-LOG and improved firmware upgrade process. That’s not all. Latest MiJia 4K Mini Action Camera beta firmware brings 2.5K/60, 1080P/120 and 720p/240 resolutions. Yes, 60fps on 2.5K resolution now. And even more frame per second on HD 720p mode. Can’t wait to try it!

Download Swype for Android

Swype is a faster and easier way to input text on your mobile phone. It is available on Windows Mobile and now on Android too but on beta version.

Swype for Android

Download JDMS Ultimate (Gingerbread) NAND Android Zip ROM for HTC HD2

Yeah… JDMS v1.7 Ultimate is here. But in beta version, so do expect bugs flying around. So let’s pray all of them die soon. Okay, JDMS v1.7 Ultimate is based on Ultimate Droid 3.0 Beta which use Android 2.3.1 Gingerbread (GRH78) and Crawling r1 kernel with latest lights driver, smartass as default, no OC compiled by crawlingcity.

JDMS Ultimate (Gingerbread) on HTC HD2


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