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How to S-OFF HTC One (M8)?

Want to S-OFF HTC One (M8) and unlock its bootloader? Well, this is your lucky day. Your answer to question ~ How to S-OFF HTC One (M8)? has solution now. Firewater team managed to S-OFF the latest flapship from HTC. Malaysia does not even have the phone yet and it was S-OFF. Wow… This will make lot of HTC fans happy because they can enjoy root access, custom ROM and lot of unofficial modification without voiding warranty. Note – unlook HTC One (M8) bootloader will void warranty if done via official way through HTCDev. So far, AT&T and Sprint models are working fine with Firewater S-OFF method. Hopefully, international version and other variants will work too.

S-OFF HTC One (M8)

Unlock Nexus 4 Bootloader

All Android devices should have unlocked bootloader (or have a way to unlock it without void warranty). Don’t stick with stock firmware only. And have the ability to install custom operating system software. Why? Stock ROM might not suite all of the users. Most of the custom ROM out there can be customized and tweaked for performance. Same apply to Google own smartphone ~ Nexus 4, you can unlock it easily (although it might void warranty but should not because you can lock it back). So why bother to stay on stock? Try out custom ones…

Unlock LG Nexus 4 Bootloader

Download old bootloader for Samsung Galaxy S3

Just flashed XXELLA firmware and bootloader on Samsung Galaxy S III but don’t like it? It will show red exclamation mark and counter = 1 during boot if you have custom kernel or custom recovery like CWM. Well, you can always install back old bootloader like Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich XXALEF bootloader back. But you might face sudden death issue again which suspected to be solved in this latest XXELLA firmware and bootloader. Anyway, the choice is yours…

I9300XXALE8 Bootloader in Android System Info

How to root Nexus 7? 1 click method (Video)

How to root Google Nexus 7? As usual, that’s the question I asked when I got my Nexus 7. Nexus 7 is the first Google Nexus device that I own. Rooting Nexus 7 should not be hard since it is a development device from Google. Developers can’t do most of the stuffs without root access. For me, root access is a must have for Android devices. Lot of interesting stuffs like backup applications and data with Titanium Backup, remove advertisements, improves user experience with custom modification can done. Thanks to Google Nexus 7 ToolKit. Root Nexus 7 is fairly simple. Just refer to below step by step video guide to find out…


  • Google Nexus 7 ToolKit
  • Nexus 7 adb & fastboot drivers

All Android devices should have unlocked bootloader!

Android is an open source platform. And I love it that way. Because I can enjoy latest and greatest Android OS version, features, enhancements, modifications, tweaks and hacks unofficially by 3rd party developers. Yes, you will get software update / firmware upgrade even official manufacturer stops supporting your Android devices. Just take Amazon Kindle Fire as example. Amazon did not update it for quite some time but I still can enjoy the latest Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean on Kindle Fire. And plus lot of nice features like OTG, access to Google Play Store… Same apply to the legendary HTC HD2.

unlocked bootloader
Unlocked bootloader on Android devices


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