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Galaxy Note 8 1024QAM Wireless Test (Video)

Yeah… I have a mobile device that support up to Gigabit wireless connection at last. Yes, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the one with NitroQAM 1024QAM support. Faster than standard 2T2R 866MHz on 5GHz. Surely maximize the usage of my powerful ASUS RT-AC86U no doubt. How does it perform on iPerf3 and FTP file transfer tests? Let’s find out…

Download FTP client for Android ~ AndFTP

If you are a website owner like me, you will need to access to your web hosting through FTP connection. I am using FileZilla Client on my PC and AndFTP as the FTP client on my Android phone. AndFTP provides download and upload file functions. And it can open, rename, delete and update permissions… Most of the essential FTP tasks are able to be performed with AndFTP free version. SCP support, folder synchronization, custom commands and import settings from file are available in PRO version.


Download Windows Mobile Phone FTP Client

Download files… Upload files… These is what I do everyday as a blogger. Besides using WordPress, I use FileZilla to upload and download files from blog server. And Mobile FTP Client for HTC HD2.

Mobile FTP Client

Enable Authenticated users list at AWStats

AWStats is a free powerful and featureful tool that generates advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics, graphically. I have using it lately to track web usage by loading data from the web log files. However, it does not show authenticated users which I wanted. I searched at AWStats website and found out that Authenticated users list is part of the features. And the demo have Authenticated users list too. Hmm… What should I do to turn Authenticated users list on?

Authenticated users list at AWStats


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