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How to test HTC One X hardware functions?

Want a perfect working HTC One X? Yup, several HTC One X owners reported that their HTC One X has hardware issues. So be sure to test all HTC One X hardware functions before pay for it. Like other HTC smartphones, HTC One X includes HTC Function Test application to test important functions like audio, backlight, Bluetooth, button, charger, flashlight, G-sensor, headset, LED, light-sensor, line drawing (touchscreen), P-sensor, camera, vibrator, Wi-Fi, battery, AGPS, live call and NFC. Besides, you can check device, hardware and software information with it. Factory data reset and safe mode are included too.

HTC Function Test

How to test HTC One X battery life?

Err… Why my HTC One X battery life is so poor? Do you always have low battery life issue on your HTC One X? If so, your HTC One X battery might have issue or it is a defect battery. No worry, you can diagnosis HTC One X battery by yourself. HTC has a tool to do so ~ HTC Function Test. Use the Battery Test function in HTC Function Test application to find out your HTC One X battery life performance.

HTC One X Battery Test


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