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intersectRaven Kernel for Nexus 4

What is the point of installing custom kernel on Google Nexus 4? Stability, energy savings and have all improvements with minimum user interaction are some of the reasons that you should try intersectRaven Kernel for Nexus 4. Unlike other custom kernel for Nexus 4, intersectRaven Kernel does support CPU overclock and undervolt. But it does have useful features like GPU optimizations, screen colour tweaks by default, sound control and lot of improvements that too technical for me.

intersectRaven Kernel for LG Nexus 4

intersectRaven Kernel for Nexus 7

Custom kernel is all about optimization to have better performance, features and battery life. That’s the goals of intersectRaven Kernel for Google Nexus 7. It targets to get better stability, energy savings and all improvements should require minimum user interaction. Therefore, it does not support CPU overclocking and undervolting. Same apply to Nvidia Tegra 3 GPU. But this does not mean intersectRaven Kernel is bad because as long as it is well tweaked, it is good for all of us.

intersectRaven Kernel for Nexus 7

Download & Install intersectRaven Kernel for Kindle Fire

Kernel is the heart of operating system. So getting a good kernel is important. It will improve performance, better features like overclocking, battery life and so on… XDA Developer, intersectRaven compiled kernel with Mjolnir for the Amazon Kindle Fire with few optimizations. It supports ARM code optimizations and able to overclock up to 1.2 GHz. Furthermore, it is available on CM7, CM9 and stock ROM. Personally, I tested intersectRaven Kernel on CM7 ROM.

intersectRaven Kernel for Kindle Fire


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