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Snapdragon Glance – Intelligent lock screen for Android

Do you use Snapdragon BatteryGuru app? If yes, you can try out Snapdragon Glance too. It is an intelligent lock screen for Android. As usual, you need to have Snapdragon devices like Galaxy Note 3 and Nexus 5 in order to use them. You can view important notifications, next appointment, weather, launch relevant apps and contact people more quickly with Glance. Glance uses information learnt by BatteryGuru to understand your usage behavior. Therefore, BatteryGuru is a must installed.

Snapdragon Glance

Download HTC HD Mini lock screen cab

HTC HD Mini is a smaller version of the famous HTC HD2. XDA-developers members flunkyou2 and michyprima can make your phone become HTC HD Mini. Well, only for the lock screen. They extracted the lock screen and make it as cab.

Make HTC HD2 Lock Screen Slider at Middle

Do you have problem to unlock your HTC HD2? Having a small hand like mine. Need 2 hands to unlock it or stretch your thumb to reach the top unlock slider? Your problem solves with XDA member, chris10230′ help.

Lock Screen Slider at Middle

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