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Download Multiple Xap Installer for Windows Phone 7

If Tom XAP Installer is not your cup of tea, here is another one for you ~ Multiple Xap Installer. It allows you to select multiple XAP files and deploy them to your phone or emulator. Besides, it includes XAP signing which required by downloaded XAP from Marketplace. Enable it at Settings when needed.

Multiple Xap Installer

Download Tom XAP Installer v1.2 for Windows Phone 7

XAP Installer is a must installed application for Windows Phone 7 HTC HD2 users like me that cannot get activation code from Microsoft. However, installing XAP application one by one is a painful task. Luckily, with Tom XAP Installer v1.2, we can select multiple XAPs and install them with 1 single click. Perfect to use after installing new WP7 ROM.

Tom XAP Installer

Download Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for Windows PC with XAP Installer

Who care about Windows Live activation code? Haha… I don’t care because I failed to get it. I called Microsoft Malaysia for Windows Live activation code but they referred me to HTC to get the code. So what should I do without the code? No worry, Windows Marketplace on your phone is not the only place to install Windows Phone 7 applications. We have Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for Windows PC with XAP Installer…

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for Windows PC

How to unlock Windows Phone 7 HTC HD2 with ChevronWP7?

My Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2 is useless without unlock. Why? I cannot access to Windows Marketplace, XBOX Live or use any Windows Live Services without getting Windows Phone 7 activated. Even that I can access, can I? Hmm… Malaysia does not support them yet. Therefore, the only way to install applications without Windows Marketplace is to use 3rd party software. And that requires your Windows Phone 7 to be unlocked first.

Thanks for xda-developer, ceesheim for coming out this guide. And here is the detail step by step guide that I have gone through…


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