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Netflix HD Mobile RCU MOD on Android TV Box & Projector – Use Remote Control, No Mouse is Needed!

Hello everyone, welcome. I am Jayce. Today’s topic – how to use remote control on Netflix? Well, you won’t be asking this question on Android TV. But you need to use Netflix mobile version that requires mouse on non Android TV OS. So Netflix HD RCU MOD comes to the rescue. Basically, you need to install these 2 APKs. That’s all…

How to fix Onda Tablet HDMI port not working?

Help! My Onda Tablet micro HDMI output port is not working. Yes, my Onda V820w is having this issue. Not sure other Onda Tablet like V919, V989, V891, V116w, oBook 10 and 11 are facing this kind of problem or not. Anyway, here is a solution for this problem. And it is working perfect on my Onda V820w Dual OS Tablet. And it should work for yours too. Basically, Onda tablets have deeper micro (not sure about mini version) HDMI port which requires same length as male micro USB head. Therefore, generic micro HDMI cable will not work as the male HDMI head is not long enough to get proper connection. Luckily, the fix is very simple. Get yourself a new HDMI cable that match your Onda tablet. Or modify yourself by following below guide…

How to install update zip on Nexus 4 with CWM?

Yeah… It’s time to colour up your Google Nexus 4. Yes, install custom modification to speed up performance, improve user experience, overclock, undervolt and a lot more… Besides, you can also change the way of Nexus 4 by installing custom theme and boot animation too. Sound good, right? Yes, but always make a Nandroid backup Nexus 4 with CWM first before try out any custom modification. Else your Nexus 4 might end up in bootloop.

Install custom mod on LG Nexus 4

Download camera mod (30Mbit 192kbit hardware key) for Samsung Galaxy S3

Want to use volume up / down buttons as shutter button to capture photo with Samsung Galaxy S III camera? Want to take better video quality up to 30 Mbit and 192 kbit @ 48khz audio on 1080p video recording? Want to use latest camera application from Samsung Galaxy S3 XXALF2 firmware? Then you need to try out this camera mod by XDA Developer, hyperX. Note – root access is required.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Mod
Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Mod

How to install update zip on Nexus 7 with CWM? (Video)

You can try lot of stuffs after installed ClockworkMod Touch Recovery (CWM) on Google Nexus 7. For example, custom modifications like theme, boot animation, application, kernel and ROM. It is very simple to install them as all you need to do is copy the update zip file to internal storage (sdcard). Then install it with CWM. No PC or Mac is needed. However, not every custom build zip is friendly to Nexus 7. Therefore, be sure to make a full Nexus 7 system backup with CWM before apply any update zip. Just restore to previous backup image if anything went wrong. Check out below step by step video guide to learn more…


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