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Dual boot Galaxy Note 2 – N7100 & N7105

Dual boot is not impossible on Samsung Galaxy devices. You can do so on Galaxy S3 and S4. Why not Samsung Galaxy Note 2, right? Yes, you can do so on Galaxy Note 2 on both N7100 and N7105 models with Devil Kernel. Enjoy both TouchWiz firmware and AOSP ROM like CyanogenMod at the same time.

Dual boot Galaxy Note 2
Screenshot from Galaxy S4

Android 4.3 firmware for Galaxy Note 2

Yeah… Official Android 4.3 firmware for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 is coming soon. Why? Here is the leaked Android 4.3 N7100XXUEMJ5 firmware. Yes, it will come as premium suite that support Galaxy Gear. Hopefully, it will have some of the interesting features from Galaxy Note 3 as well. No worry, GT-N7105 should have it soon too.

Android 4.3 firmware for Galaxy Note 2

Download official Samsung Galaxy Note 2 modem

Do you experience poor 3G Internet connection speed, very fast battery drain while on 3G and poor call reception on your Samsung Galaxy Note II? Maybe your current custom ROM’s modem (radio or baseband) does not suite your telco. For most people, you don’t need to change Samsung Galaxy Note 2 modem unless you have issue with it. And which one of the best one for me? Different region have different Galaxy Note 2 modem because carrier, frequency band, topography, location and distance from cell tower are not the same. Therefore, you need to try them out one by one yourself to get the best.

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Modem
Official Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Modem – DXALJ1

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