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Check Fus Downloader ~ Download & Decrypt latest Samsung Firmware

Checking new official firmware upgrade while using custom firmware on your Samsung phone or tablet is not an easy task. Because Samsung Kies and built-in software update will not notify you when there is a new firmware released. So you have to check on news website or blog for the latest firmware info. Or you can use Check Fus Downloader to find it out by yourself. In addition, you can also download the official firmware and install it with Odin manually. This is available on Android and Bada platform.

Check Fus Downloader

Download Samsung Kies 3.0

Have the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Samsung Kies 2.x does not work for you then. Yup, you need to latest version of Kies 3.0 as well. Samsung Kies is available for both Windows PC and Mac OS. It is a useful tool to transfer music, contacts and photos. Make backup and restore of your important data and settings. Update to latest firmware and sync wirelessly from your Galaxy phone or tablet. Besides, it also provides USB driver to connect Galaxy Note 3 to PC too. One of the must installed software in my list.

Samsung Kies 3.0

How to upgrade Galaxy S4 firmware with Samsung Kies?

The best way to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S4 firmware is using OTA method. But that’s not the only way to do so. You can use Samsung Kies to upgrade Galaxy S4 firmware as well. Only use Samsung Kies if you can’t get OTA software update because this process is slower. Why? You need to download the whole firmware which is more than 1 GB file size. So be sure to enable Latest firmware auto-download in Firmware update settings in Samsung Kies. Else you will need to wait for quite some time if your Internet connection is slow. And can’t use your Galaxy S4 during the firmware upgrade process. Note – both I9500 and I9505 firmware upgrade method is the same.

New Galaxy S4 firmware available

Download Samsung Kies for Galaxy S4

Samsung Kies is one of the must installed applications for Samsung Galaxy S4 users. It is Samsung’s desktop software to transfer music, contacts and photos, update software and sync wirelessly from your Samsung phone or tablet. Something likes iTunes for iOS devices. And it is available on both Windows PC and Mac OS. Besides, it also provide Galaxy S4 USB driver for the use of Odin software for those who like to root, install custom ROM on their Galaxy S4.

Samsung Kies for Galaxy S4 GT-I9500

Samsung Galaxy S3 XXEMA2 Firmware Upgrade for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Vietnam

Samsung Galaxy S III Premium Suite Upgrade is here for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam Samsung Galaxy S3 users. Yup, grab these features in the latest Android 4.1.2 XXEMA2 Firmware. Update through OTA or Samsung Kies and enjoy these nicely done features like Page Buddy, Contexual Menu, Contexual Tag, Multi Window, Auto Share Shot Paring using NFC, Reader Mode, Facebook Lock Ticker, Paper Artist, Low Light Shot, Best Face, Easy Mode, Sound Balance, Setup Wizard and Camera Easy Snap…

Samsung Galaxy S3 XXEMA2 Jelly Bean Firmware Upgrade


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