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How to improve Samsung Galaxy Note 2 screen display colour?

How to improve Samsung Galaxy Note II screen display colour? This will be your question if you are not satisfied with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 screen. Well, as usual… Samsung HD Super AMOLED screen colour is oversaturated. There are too much green and red colours. No worry, Samsung has a solution for you and me. You can adjust the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 HD Super AMOLED screen colour with bullt-in tool ~ Screen mode. Choose from Dynamic, Standard, Natural and Movie. I prefer Natural personally. Just go to Settings – Display – Screen mode and choose the one that you like.

Improve Samsung Galaxy Note 2 screen display colour

How to improve Samsung Galaxy S3 screen display colour?

I like supercurio Voodoo ScreenTune on my Samsung Galaxy S II. Too bad it was discontinued and will be replaced by Display Expert (which not yet release). So in order to improve Samsung Galaxy S III screen display colour now. You can try Screen Adjuster to reduce Samsung Galaxy S3 HD Super AMOLED pink tint display issue by increase the blue colour value. It may not be as good as Voodoo ScreenTune, but it is better than nothing, right?

Screen Adjuster on Samsung Galaxy S3


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