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How to Set Up UniFi on Asus Router?

How to set up TM UniFi on Asus Router? Simple as ABC. First of all, connect LAN cable from UniFi Optical Network Unit’s LAN1 to Asus Router WAN port. In short, replace your existing wireless router. Then connect to your Asus router through LAN cable or wireless. Use browser to navigate to http://router.asus.com/. Then follow the onscreen instructions will do…

UniFi Mobile 4G Speedtest & Coverage (video)

UniFi Mobile (aka webe @ P1) is the latest telco plan by Telekom Malaysia. Yes, we love to have new player in town. And TM gives 5 SIM cards for totally free (when collect at TM Point). Furthermore, each of them comes with add-on 20GB 4G LTE data for free. You get 10 minutes and 10 SMS there too. How is the UniFi Mobile 4G LTE performance? Coverage good? Check out my video review to find out…

Streamyx 8mbps vs DiGi Postpaid 150 Infinite (Video)

Streamyx 8mbps vs DiGi Postpaid 150 Infinite. Which one will be the winner in the end? I am a long time Streamyx subscriber and wanted to have better Internet connection speed. Just upgrade to TM UniFi will do, right? Yes, if your place has UniFi coverage. End of story. But not the case for me and lot of other Streamyx subscribers out there. Is DiGi Postpaid 150 Infinite a better plan for all of us? Let’s find out…

ASUS RT-14UHP High Power Wireless Router Giveaway (Malaysia)

Looking for a better wireless router for your home or office? You are in luck now. Asus Malaysia is giving 2 ASUS RT-14UHP High Power Wireless Router for the best description provided on the giveaway. ASUS RT-14UHP is a single-band Wireless-N300 high power router delivers three times the wireless coverage of standard N300 routers. Can cover over two floors. Added multi-purpose USB port for printer, hard drive and 3G/4G sharing. Finally, ASUS AiCloud support allows you to access, share, and stream files from your home PC to any internet-connected device. Perfect companion for TM UniFi, Maxis Fibre and Time Fibre. Too bad, I don’t have any one of them.

ASUS RT-14UHP Wireless Router

Download latest firmware for Aztech DSL600EW

My 5 years old Aztech DSL600EW ADSL2+ 4-Port Ethernet USB Wireless-G Router stopped working after I upgraded my Streamyx connection speed from 1 Mbps to 4 Mbps. It serves me well for the past few years. Initially, I thought something might be wrong from TM Streamyx part because Aztech DSL600EW DSL light started to blink and always get disconnected after changed to 4 Mbps port. Contacted TM support and TM appointed installer for this issue. And finally found that my Aztech DSL600EW cannot support 4 Mbps connection. Why? The new Innacomm W3400V WiFi Modem managed to get connected to Internet.

Aztech DSL600EW latest firmware


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