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Download Galaxy S5 Launcher for Android

Have you pre-order Samsung Galaxy S5 yet? Well, I have not. Unless it has the same deal like Galaxy S4 offer last year – free Galaxy Gear 2 bundle, I won’t bother to look at it. Anyway, you can always make your Android phone looks like Galaxy S5 with TouchWiz UI Launcher. Well, this is not an actual port of Galaxy S5 Launcher. So it does not contain any of TouchWiz firmware features. But just the interface of it only.

Galaxy S5 Launcher

Wanam Xposed – Customize Stock Samsung Firmware

Customize your Galaxy devices a lot? You will want to try out Wanam Xposed then. It is a free Android application that can tweak lot of stock Samsung TouchWiz Android 4.2+ firmware. Yes, it is still workable on custom ROM as well. I am using it on Galaxy S4 custom ROM now. Here are some examples of the useful features that it brings – Call recording, 4 ways reboot (Reboot, Recovery, Hotboot and Download), secured Samsung keyboard, long back key to kill app, force disable camera shutter… Good stuffs are not free. It requires root access and Xposed Framework 2.2. Trust me, it worth the price.

Wanam Xposed

TouchWiz transition effect for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Bored with your current Samsung Galaxy Note 2 TouchWiz transition effect? Well, try out other TouchWiz transition effects then. It work on Samsung based firmware (no CyanogenMod ROM love here) for both Android 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Check out below videos for the animation effects…

ThrottleLauncher ~ a Fully Skinable Today Screen on Windows Mobile

Windows default Today screen is not so popular. Therefore, lot of OEM came out their own Today screen like HTC Sense and Samsung TouchWiz. And here come another one called ~ ThrottleLauncher. It is a fully skinable app you can use to completely change the look of your Windows Mobile phone. It also supports themes and widgets. So you can change lot of looks. A great application for those doesn’t have HTC or Samsung phones.

ThrottleLauncher with Light3D theme


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