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How to improve Samsung Galaxy S2 screen display colour?

Samsung Galaxy S II Super AMOLED Plus display is great. But the colour like green and red are over saturated from my point of view. Voodoo ScreenTune helps to improve the colour banding issue. But it does not solve the over saturated issue. Therefore, Chainfire3D Pro’s night mode comes to rescue. You can turn red, green and blue colour levels with it.

Chainfire3D Pro’s night mode tweak

Download Voodoo ScreenTune for Samsung Galaxy S2

There are 3 screen modes on Samsung Galaxy S II ~ Dynamic, Standard and Movie mode. If anyone of them is not your cup of tea, you can try a new present from Voodoo ScreenTune for Samsung Galaxy S2. Voodoo ScreenTune is currently a development application but rest assures that Supercurio who behind of Project Voodoo for Samsung Galaxy S will make a better application for our lovely Samsung Galaxy S2.

Voodoo ScreenTune

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