Formovie Xming Page One In-Depth Review – Watch This Before You Buy!!!

Hey guys, meet the world’s first Google TV LCD projector with certified Netflix – Xming Page One. It is loaded with HDR10 decoding and 5.1 Dolby Audio through HDMI ARC. Yes, it is suitable for both day and night thanks to 500 CVIA Lumens. Comes with useful auto focus, keystone correction and obstacle avoidance. Ultra-low latency with 6ms only that perfect for gaming. Interested? Let’s have a closer look now…

In short, Xming Page One is the best LCD projector from Formovie yet. Google TV with certified Netflix and Dolby Audio. Loaded with outstanding optical image quality. Suitable for both video and games. Interested? Get yours at Formovie Website now.


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