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Clash of Clans’ King and Queen are the most powerful troops ever. And you should get these heroes to maximum level 40 as soon as possible. It will help you in both defend and attack no matter on normal multiplayer mode or clan wars. What is the easiest way to max both of them? Yes, use gems. However, it will cost you a healthy price to get both king and queen to level 40. King can be upgraded to maximum level 5 at Town Hall 7 and level 10 at TH8. Both queen and king can be upgraded to level 30 at Town Hall 9. And max level at TH10. Getting king to level 10 at TH8 is easy. However, not the case for both heroes at TH9.


If you use this guide – How to root Redmi 2 natively? to root your Xiaomi Redmi 2, then you can follow this method to unroot. Else you need to install a clean fastboot ROM to do so. Anyway, just choose the method that you prefer to bring your Redmi 2 back to original stage again. Native unroot process is the same as rooting. But you need to use the unroot update file instead of rooting file. That’s it. Basically, it is okay to have root access on your Android device unless your applications (like banking app) do not work on environment with root access. Then you have no choice but need to unroot. Else just leave root access there.


How to root Redmi 2? Yes, I always root my Android devices. Same apply to Xiaomi Redmi 2 that I have. Luckily, rooting Xiaomi devices is as simple as ABC. Even a person without much technical knowledge can do so too. This native root method is based on Redmi 2 ROM. There is several root files for official China and Global ROM. And it is based on ROM version too. Currently, China ROM version – V6.3.5.0.KHJCNBL, V6.4.3.0.KHJCNCB, V6.5.1.0.KHJCNCD and V6.5.2.0.KHJCNCD are supported. And Global ROM – V6.3.3.0.KHJMIBL, V6.3.5.0.KHJMIBL, V6.4.4.0.KHJMICB, V6.5.2.0.KHJMICD, V6.5.3.0.KHJMICD and V6.6.6.0.KHJMICF. By the way, rooting Xiaomi device does not void warranty. Therefore, feel free to root Redmi 2. Worst case, you need to reinstall everything with Fastboot…


Want to try new stuffs like mods or enhancements on your Redmi 2? You will need to know how to install update zip on Redmi 2 then. Xiaomi makes our life easier by giving us the Updater app to do so. Yes, you can install OTA update zip with this method. Or any system update file that you want. Of course, you need to make sure that this modification file will not bring any harm to your Redmi 2. Else you might need to use Fastboot to reinstall everything again. Basically, Updater let you select the update file then boot into recovery to install.

Updater app


How to load Xiaomi Redmi 2 Fastboot Mode? You will ask this question when you plan to reinstall current stock ROM, re-partition or install a new ROM. Fastboot mode is useful to flash a new ROM on corrupted system. Or you plan to have a clean and fresh Android system on your Redmi 2. Else, use Redmi 2 Recovery Mode for normal update or factory reset purpose. Fastboot mode will be your rescuer when you face soft brick issue…

Redmi 2 Fastboot Mode




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