How to Set Up UniFi on Asus Router?

How to set up TM UniFi on Asus Router? Simple as ABC. First of all, connect LAN cable from UniFi Optical Network Unit’s LAN1 to Asus Router WAN port. In short, replace your existing wireless router. Then connect to your Asus router through LAN cable or wireless. Use browser to navigate to Then follow the onscreen instructions will do…

How to enable Mobile Legends High Frame Rate Mode on Android?

How to enable Mobile Legends: Bang Bang High Frame Rate Mode on Android? No root access, GLTools or mod apk is needed. Just follow this step by step video guide to enable 60 fps high frame rate mode on Android smartphone and tablet. CPUforAnd.unity3d is the key. As long as your devices’ GPU is supported, high frame rate mode can be turned on. My latest Mi Pad 4 tablet is running smoothly now. Moonton should enable it in the first place.

How to install Google Play Store on Mi Pad 4?

China Mi Pad 4 does not have Google Play Store installed. But no worry, it is very simple to install Play Store on this Chinese Android tablet. First of all, download Google Installer 2.0 apk. Then install it. You might need to grant installation permission for unknown source. Do so. Open Google Installer once installed. Then click on the big Install button. It will install multiple Google services then. Again, do grant installation permission for unknown source if prompted. Then continue to install every one of them. And click done when finished. After installed all 6 items including Google Play Store, launch it.

How to Install Developer ROM on Mi Pad 4?

Want to enjoy latest goodies from your Mi Pad 4? Install developer ROM then. It has newer stuffs and updated weekly compare to normal stable ROM. How to install it? Simple. First of all, download developer ROM in zip format. Put it at internal storage root level. Then go to Settings. Select MIUI version on top. Bring up menu selection. Then select Choose update package. Select the downloaded zip ROM then. Select Erase and update. Yes, everything will be deleted. Do your backup first. Then press it one more time.

How to Factory Data Reset Mi Pad 4?

How to factory data reset Mi Pad 4? Easy as ABC. First of all, go to settings. Then additional settings. Click on Backup & reset. Later on, select Factory data reset. Follow by Reset tablet. Select Next than OK. Do take note that everything on your tablet including photo, games and data will be deleted. That’s it.

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