How to remove Onda V820w bloatware?

Onda V820w dual OS tablet PC comes with several bloatware on its Android platform. Luckily, Windows 10 does not have this issue. Anyway, it is possible to remove these pre-installed bloatware. But root access is required. No worry, you still can have them disable without root access. Basically, the end result is the same – inactive except these applications still take some disk space because they are not uninstalled. All Onda V820w bloatware can be installed and disabled without root access except Onda Launcher. If you really want to remove / disable it, please follow this guide to do so.

How to disable Samsung Galaxy S II camera sound?

Don’t like Samsung Galaxy S II camera focus sound? And want to turn off camera shutter sound when taking photo? Here is the way to turn off the camera focus and shutter sounds. Or reduce the sound to lower volume. We don’t want to wake up sleeping baby when taking photo, right?

Samsung Galaxy S II Camera

How to capture Nexus 7 (2013) screenshot?

How to capture Google Nexus 7 (2013) screenshot? It is using the same method like all other Nexus devices. And other Android devices that follow Google standard like HTC devices (not sure about Sony and LG). By the way, Samsung Series disable this combo keys. They have their own way to take screenshot. Anyway, this guide is only useful for new Android user. Because most of the existing Android experts should know this…

Nexus 7 (2013) screenshot

Enable Beats Audio on Galaxy S4

Beats Audio is no longer exclusive for HTC devices only (for quite some time). Yes, you can install Beats Audio Equalizer on Samsung Galaxy S4 too. Does Beats Audio really enhance overall Galaxy S4 sound quality? Well, that’s depending on each personal taste. I am not an audiophile. So far, it does sound better to me. You can tweak headset, phone speaker and Bluetooth sound quality. Increase bass boost, enable virtual room effect, set equalizer that you prefer…

Beats Audio on Samsung Galaxy S4

How to watch Hong Kong drama series on PPS TV?

PPS TV and PPTV stops streaming Hong Kong drama series on certain regions like Malaysia. You need to be using China, Hong Kong IP address in order to watch HK TV series. However, there is a trick to hack and watch PPS TV Hong Kong drama series on Malaysia ISP Streamyx. However, it is not a user friendly and permanent method but it does the trick…

Hong Kong drama series on PPS TV

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