Err… I found another HTC One X issue. Why HTC One X has so many issues? HTC One X has 26 GB SD storage which can be accessed by user. However, there is one serious bug that causing more than 10 GB storage is gone. Some said that 1.29.401.11 software update (Europe) fixed this SD storage bug. But my HTC One X (Asia) yet to receive this update. And I am suffering 11 GB SD storage lesser now…

HTC One X SD storage issue


To buy or not to buy Asus Transformer Prime TF201? That’s the question… The main point that I plan to buy Asus Transformer Prime ~ NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor. I want to try out Tegra 3 games. And plan to use it as notebook replacement since it has keyboard dock. It has micro HDMI output which I can use it to display PowerPoint slides with projector (need to buy micro HDMI to VGA adapter though). Has USB ports and SD carder just like notebook. It should be able to run all the notebook tasks, right? Let’s find out…

Asus Transformer Prime
Asus Transformer Prime


Samsung latest Android flagship ~ Samsung Galaxy S III is selling like hot cake in Malaysia. Not enough stock for buyers. I believe other countries are the same too. Celcom does not have Samsung Galaxy S3 Roadshow in Penang this round. DiGi is having one man show there. But I am not going to grab DiGi Samsung Galaxy S3 package because DiGi 3G signal is weak (near to no coverage) at my house. So I paid Celcom Sungai Petani Branch a visit. Hoping to get my Samsung Galaxy S3 there…

Samsung Galaxy S3 First Impression


If the phone is in normal use without playing games or calling for long time, the temperature should be around 37°C or 38°C. But if you use your phone to play games or surfing internet for a long time, it will be normal that the temperature rises to around 55°C.“, official statement from HTC.

I was worried after discovered my HTC One X is overheating up to 53.5 °C. Consulted HTC Support. Was asked to do a battery test. And found out that my HTC One X battery is performing well. So I double confirm with HTC Support again. And got the statement as above.


I love Android as open source platform. Good for end users because developers can improve Android devices even the hardware manufacturer does not do so. Take Amazon Kindle Fire for example, it is still running Android 2.3 Gingerbread on Amazon latest stock software update 6.3. However, developers already created Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for Kindle Fire. And 3.0 kernel is getting better each day. It brings stuffs that are not available on stock software like USB Host OTG.