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I always wish to have an Apple iPod Touch. However, I already have smartphone and tablet for daily use. And no chance to use it at all. Anyway, Apple has a new iPod Touch for you and me. The new iPod touch, shuffle and nano come in new darker blue and pink colour as well as gold colour. There won’t be any hardware upgrade for shuffle and nano. But iPod Touch is getting lot of goodies from iPhone 6…


Why can’t I receive push notification from Line application on Xiaomi Redmi 2? Normally, push notification is available when the chatting apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber are in use or running in the back-end as background process. However, if you sign out or clear RAM of these apps, it might result of this unavailability of push notification. Seem like this is part of MIUI OS system behavior. Therefore, this issue might not be limited Redmi 2 only but all Xiaomi devices (Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 4i, Redmi Note (3G/4G), Mi Note, Mi Note Pro) powered by MIUI 5 & 6. Anyway, there is a way to solve this problem.

Autostart – Security


Do you have small hand? Xiaomi Redmi 2 4.7″ screen is considered small compare to other smartphones in the market. However, even I cannot reach all 100% of 4.7″ screen with one hand operation. Therefore, MIUI’s one-handed mode comes to rescue. Yup, it will make phone screen smaller to 4″ or 3.5″. You should be able to perform all tasks with one hand then. Of course, the only downside – smaller screen.

One-handed mode on Redmi 2


Lite mode is one of the nice features on Xiaomi Redmi 2. It offers aged people a better experience with bigger font size, simplified UI and easier settings. Yup, who say that elder people can’t use new technology like smartphone or tablet. Redmi 2 Lite mode has home screen and menus. This will ease old folks to perform the daily task like make phone call, check SMS, take photo and more…

Lite mode on Redmi 2


Is your Xiaomi Redmi 2 smartphone not performing well lately? Maybe it’s time to hard reset it to original stage. Factory data reset Redmi 2 will clear and delete everything on your phone. Make your Redmi 2 like a new one again. Of course, all your installed applications and games, personal data (music, video, photo), settings will be deleted as well (you can choose not to delete them but it might not solve issues then). Therefore, be sure to backup all the stuffs first before hard reset.

Factory data reset Redmi 2




Yes, you can enjoy lot of movies by buying or renting at Malaysia's Google Play Store from now on. After books, Google has expanded...