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Which cards are the best for Clash Royale? Well, it is depend on which arena that you have reached. And which card have you unlocked so far too. I tried lot of cards on my battle deck. Basically, you can group them into 3 categories – offensive, defensive and balanced battle deck. Each of them has their own advantages and weakness. Yes, you can counter each every card with another card. For example, giant can be countered by minion, mini PEKKA and skeleton army. Minion horde hates arrows. You can easily win elixir advantage by counter with the correct card. Just try them and find out the cards that suit you most. Of course, luck plays an important role here besides player skill.


Thanks Honor Malaysia for selected me as one of the winners. Be sure to check out my Huawei Honor 5X Review if you haven’t. It is fun to review Honor 5X as it is my very first Huawei smartphone. And this also gives me the chance to know more about Huawei EMUI. Of course, there will Honor 5X guides and tricks on this blog onward since I get to keep it. Stay tuned to that.


Yes, you can win a Neffos C5 Smartphone, Power Bank & Bluetooth Speaker from TP-LINK. All of you should know about TP-LINK which is famous in networking world. And they are going into the smartphone market now with their very first smartphone Neffos C5 Series. I have no doubt about TP-LINK networking product performance and good pricing. Can’t wait to hand on Neffos C5 Series smartphone as well.


Adonit is dropping the price on their most premium styluses. Yup, you can get the Jot Touch for just $74.99 and the Jot Script 2 for only $59.99 now. Jot Script 2 is a fine-point Bluetooth stylus designed to feel like a pen. Loaded with updated Pixelpoint technology inside a 1.9mm tip to let you can take faster, smoother notes in your own handwriting. And built with a slimmer barrel for familiar feel and simple functionality. Just turn on, connect to a compatible app, and start writing. Furthermore, its palm rejection lets you rest your hand comfortably on the screen when working in compatible apps.


Clash Royale is a new game from Supercell which publishes Clash of Clans that many of you known about. Hmm… Being a Town Hall 11 player in Clash of Clans, building upgradings take lot of time even with 5 builders. So I take my chance to try out this freemium mobile strategy video game which combines elements from collectible card games, tower defense games and MOBA’s. In short, Clash Royale is a very interesting game as well. However, it really needs a lot of patience to play. Yes, just like COC which does not require real money to advance. But lot of time needed on waiting for the chests to be opened. And basically you can’t do anything when chest slots are full. You can gem it with real money to fasten the process or wait for it patiently…




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