Xiaomi Car Charger – Fast Charge Version Review

Yes, I have the best car charger from Xiaomi. It’s the fast charge version which has dual QC3.0 USB ports. Loaded with 5 protections – over-current, short circuit, over-voltage, over temperature protections and anti electromagnetic disturbance. Support both Android and iOS devices. And comes with expended charging port. How does it perform? Let’s find out…

Honda City front and back seats with cover

Honda City is my current ride. It was covered with plastics when it arrived. Waste no more time, I took some photos and videos before I tear out the plastics from the seats and side doors. I am not the kind that will protect new product with plastics cover. I prefer comfortable than seating on plastics covered seats.

Honda City front view with cover

Honda City Interior (Video)

Lazy to go to Honda showroom? No worry. I have uploaded Honda City interior video to YouTube. You can watch them here. Check them out in full HD mode.

Xiaomi Clip-on Car Charger Expansion Review

If you own Xiaomi Car Charger – Fast Charge Version, this Xiaomi Clip-on Car Charger Expansion Device is a great accessory for back seat passengers. Yup, it comes with 1.8m nylon braided charging cable that suits for 7-seat cars as well. Having both USB-A and USB-C with PD2.0 Protocol outputs. How does it perform? Let’s find out…

Installation of Tinted Glass Rules @ JPJ Malaysia

Before got my Honda City, I planned to install windows film on it. It will help to reduce some heat on Malaysia hot weather. There is lot of window films brands like 3M, V-Kool… And they offer several products which have visible light transmittance of 70%, 60%, 50% and 40%. So can we install anyone of them that we like? I am not sure. Because based on JPJ Malaysia Installation of Tinted Glass Rules below…

[pull_quote_center]Rules 5 (1) and 5 (3) of the Motor Vehicles (Prohibition of Certain Types of Glass), Amendment 2000, stipulate that the front windscreen should permit not less than 70% light transmission, while the back windscreen and side windows should permit not less than 50% light transmission. [/pull_quote_center]


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