TM Net Streamyx is as slow as turtle?

TM Net Streamyx is as slow as turtle? Is this statement true? By the time I wrote this article. TM Net website is still not accessible from my house using TM Net own service ~ Streamyx. Besides, the connection speed to almost every website is as slow as turtle especially websites hosted in US. Is there any underwater connection break down again?

TM Net website is not found

Digi 150 Infinite YouTube Buffering Issue (Video)

Digi Postpaid 150 Infinite serves me well. However, there is one issue that I am facing right now – buffering issue on YouTube playback. The Internet connection is okay. Everything is performing as it should be like file downloading, web browsing and other… Just YouTube is hanging here and there for no reason. Feel free to check out the video below to find out what I mean…

Who am I? ~ Maxis10 (Video)

How to fix online gaming lag issue with QoS? (Video)

How to fix online gaming lag issue? Yes, I am facing high ping latency issue on games like Arena of Valor: Garena AOV, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Clash Royale from time to time on my super slow TM Streamyx 8Mbps ADSL connection. Is there any way to reduce lag / ping latency? Yes, there is by using Quality of Service (QoS) on wireless router like ASUS RT-AC86U. And watch the video below to find out how to enable QoS on your wireless router…

Celcom 4G LTE on Galaxy Note 3

Enjoy free Celcom 4G LTE access from now till 31 December 2014. Yes, my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is getting 4G LTE data connection right now. And the speed is fast. However, Celcom 4G LTE does not fully cover the whole Malaysia. And have limited coverage at my home town, Sungai Petani, Kedah. But hey, I still can enjoy it. Better than nothing at all, right? Too bad, my Galaxy S4 I9500 supports 3G only. Hehe… Maybe I can use it as excuse to change to Galaxy S5?

Celcom 4G LTE Connection Speed


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