Vinnfier Neo Boom 2020 Edition Review – Great for Music, Suitable for Movie & Games as well

Yeah… A nice 40W boombox in the house! Yup, Vinnfier Neo Boom 2020 Edition is the star. It is loaded with 2 x 2″ speaker driver with a dedicated bass radiator. Comes with Bluetooth 5.0 with TWS support, FM radio and MP3 player (USB & microSD). Up to 6 hours of non-stop music playback. Does it sound great? Let’s find out…

Creative Pebble V2 Review – Small yet Powerful, Enjoy Crisp & Clear Music!

Hey guys, meet this stylish minimalistic 2.0 USB powered desktop speakers. Enjoy 16W peak power through 45° elevated 2″ full range speaker drivers, built-in gain switch, small footprint and USB-C with USB-A converter. Does Creative Pebble V2 sound great? Let’s find out now…

OXAYOI Akareddo 601 BTURM Review – Karaoke All Day Long with Clear Treble & Decent Bass

70W total power output (RMS), Bluetooth, FM radio, built-in media player (SD & USB), remote control and 2 microphone inputs. Yes, enjoy all these wonderful features from OXAYOI Akareddo 601 BTURM 2.1 Speaker System. Don’t forget the cool blue LED light too. Does it sound great? Let’s find out together…

OXAYOI Emerarudo SB501 BTUR Review – Excellent Sound for the Price. Go Get One!

Not really well known brand but the quality is tremendously unexpected.“, “To be honest & frankly speaking, don’t judge the book by its cover… The sounds quality, bass, mid and treble are awesome with 5″ sub speaker.” and “The soundbar itself is a pleasant surprise considering the price & unknown brand. Sleek design. Suitable for a small spaced room. Worth every penny spent. Highly recommended.” Those are happy OXAYOI Emerarudo SB501 BTUR users’ reviews. Is this 60W soundbar with subwoofer really that great? Let’s find out now…

OXAYOI Buru BT01 2.0 Review – Loud & Clear!

OXAYOI or also known as 牛の良品. A fairly new brand in the market (well, at least for me). They sell a lot of stuff. For example, speakers, mobile accessories like phone holder, stand, power bank and charger. OXAYOI Buru BT01 2.0 is the very first gadget in the house. A 15W Bluetooth portable speaker with TWS, built-in MP3 player and FM radio. Already, let’s have a closer look now…

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Kingston Kickstarts a Gaming Revolution with the New Kingston FURY Lineup

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