How to backup, sync, restore Android apps & data without root access?

Backup Android applications, games and data are fairly easy with Titanium Backup. However, root access is required in order to use Titanium Backup just like most other Android backup applications in Google Play Store. Can I backup and restore Android applications and data without root access? Yes, you can but adb knowledge is required. No worry, ClockworkMod team has make our lives easier by coming out this useful application ~ Carbon – App Sync and Backup. Carbon does not require root access. Therefore, I can use it on my unrooted HTC One X.

Carbon – App Sync and Backup

Install Canon Digital Photo Professional Updater directly

Want to install latest Digital Photo Professional Updater but can’t find your Digital Photo Professional CD? No worry. Here is a trick that will help you install Canon Digital Photo Professional Updater without any previous version of Canon Digital Photo Professional installed. All you need to do is download latest Canon Digital Photo Professional from Canon website. Then apply the registry patch before install it. That’s all.

Download InstallDPP registry patch for Windows XP and Vista. Here are the content of this registry file. No worry. It just creates some key entries to cheat Canon Digital Photo Professional Updater.

[quote_box_center]Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

And here is the registry patch for Windows 7 64 bits ~ InstallDPP-Win7. Thanks Jake.

[quote_box_center]Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Enjoy using latest Canon Digital Photo Professional.

Download NexusHD2-Gingerbread NAND Android Zip ROM for HTC HD2

Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread anyone? NexusHD2-Gingerbread NAND Android is a clean ROM compiled from AOSP Gingerbread for Nexus One (GRH78C / Android 2.3.2). And using tytung_r3_oldcam Kernel (supports CIFS, UTF-8, WiFi MAC address, Yaffs, Ext2/3/4) based on hastarin r8.6 oldcam. Most of the stuffs are working fine except camcorder on high setting, Bluetooth which has 60mA battery drain issue on standby and blinking keypad which can be fixed by installing LED Me Know.

NexusHD2-Gingerbread on HTC HD2

How to install Android 2.3 Gingerbread on HTC HD2? (Video)

Android 2.3 Gingerbread on HTC HD2 is not perfect yet. There are bugs flying around. But rest assures that they will be fixed by those great developers. So these bugs don’t stop you to try it, right? The installation is the same as Android 2.2 Froyo. For Froyo experts, you can skip this post now. New comers, please stay with me…


  • SPL 3.03
  • Radio 2.15
  • Official HTC HD2 ROM v3.14
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROM

Download Odin3 v1.85

Odin3 is a PC application that was designed to help us update Samsung Android phone firmware. You can install stock firmware and kernel with Odin3. You can also use it to root Samsung Galaxy S II too. Therefore, you are able to flash CF-Root into Samsung Galaxy S2. It is a must have tool if you like to try custom firmware. And get more juice out of your Samsung Android phone.

Odin3 v1.85


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