Download WeOS Classic Launcher

The new WeOS update for WeTek Hub, Play 2 and Core brings a totally new launcher. It is very easy to use and navigate with the IR remote control. However, it might not be everyone cup of tea. So here is the old launcher for those who missed it – WeOS Classic Launcher…

Samsung Galaxy S4 Music Player for Galaxy S3

There is a whole ROM dump of Samsung Galaxy S4. So basically you can try out all the new Galaxy S4 features if your current Android phone like Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 firmware can support them. Galaxy S4 Music Player is one of them. Anything new in this music player, try it out and let me know…

Galaxy S4 Music Player

Wired Tether for Android (rooted phone)

My home broadband connection, Streamyx is having issue again. It keeps disconnecting and connecting (DSL is not connected issue). So it is time for me to use my HTC HD2 as modem again. But I don’t want to use wireless connection this time, but going to try Wired Tether for Root Users. It is the same as Wireless Tether for Root Users but using USB cable instead of Wi-Fi connection. It is good for single user usage and can charge your phone at the same time.

Wired Tether for Root Users

天天看 ~ PPS TV replacement to watch free online video

PPS TV is no longer the best free online video player to watch TV drama. Well, maybe it is still in China but not in other region because most of the best videos are not available here. Yup, you can’t watch Hong Kong TVB TV Series. And only certain US, Europe, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan videos are available. Not a perfect one anymore. Luckily, there is a replacement for PPS TV now. 天天看 is the one. So far it is designed PC Windows only. Hopefully, Android and iOS versions will be available soon.

TTKVOD – 天天看高清影视

CurrentWidget ~ Android widget that display electric current usage

Battery life is very important to my HTC HD2. Does Android on HTC HD2 use up lot of battery than Windows Mobile? This is the question that I would like to find out. CurrentWidget is one of the tools that can help me keep track the electric current usage. It is an Android widget that shows how much current (milliamperes) the device is using from the battery or receiving from the charger. And also log the value to csv file for further study…


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