Edifier G1500 MAX Review – Compact yet Powerful 2.1 Gaming Speakers System!

Stylish, space saving yet powerful with 60W output! Immersive yourself into the gaming with Edifier HECATE G1500 MAX. Better sound quality through DSP technology. Suitable for all platforms like smartphone, PC, TV, PS5, Xbox X, Nintendo Switch and so on. All thanks to versatile connectivity like Bluetooth 5.3, AUX and USB DAC. Don’t forget about the cool RGB lighting effects too. Alright, let’s have a closer look at this 2.1 desktop gaming speakers now…

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Package Content & Design
Edifier G1500 MAX comes well-protected. There is a lot of stuff there. Take your time to unpack it. First of all, cables. There are AUX audio cable, USB-A to USB-C cable and USB-C to USB-C cable.

Followed by user manual in multiple languages, brand card, sticker and warranty card. Be sure to go through the guide to know more about the speakers.

Let’s have a look at the satellite speakers first. In short, it is identical to HECATE G1500. Having the same stylish hexagonal cool shape and 2 RGB light straps. Excellent build quality with sturdy plastic housing too. As usual, the convenient control buttons are located on the right channel. And the metal grill that protects the 2.5″ speaker driver at the front.

Thanks to power by AC directly. We can enjoy more power output from this mid-tweeter. It has been upgraded to 7.5W from 5W (RMS).

This is the compact yet powerful wooden subwoofer. Rock solid build quality. Having 15W total power output (RMS).

There are 4″ speaker driver and reflex port firing downward at the bottom. The RGB light strap is there as well at the front part.

The rest of the stuff is located at the back. You can control the bass volume level there. For me, it is always max. You can use AUX input for older devices. And USB-C for newer ones.

Performance Result
In short, Edifier G1500 MAX is the enhanced version of Edifier G1500 with subwoofer. Therefore, you can enjoy all the useful G1500 features. Yes, G1500 MAX can be used without sound card. Just connect USB-C cable will do. It itself is the USB DAC. It is working perfectly on my Android smartphone, PC, laptop and Nintendo Switch. One speakers system to rule them all.

Outstanding wireless range thanks to Bluetooth 5.3 chipset. It can reach up to 10m with obstacles like wall easily. Rock solid connectivity. And it has virtually no lag between video and audio. Playing games on mobile devices is good to go. The same applies to watching music videos, TV dramas and movies.

60W peak power output is more than enough to cover a large quiet room. G1500 MAX is considered a compact 2.1 speakers system. Therefore, it will perform the best when staying close to it. You can also enjoy much more impact of the bass as well.

Sound Quality
Again, G1500 MAX is loaded with the useful EQ mode. 3 of them as usual – game, movie and music. You can switch between them through the G multi-function button. And they perform the same just like G1500. Music mode is my favourite which is the balance one. Game mode enhances the treble which is suitable for hearing enemies’ footsteps in the games and so on. The last one – movie mode has reduced treble and focus on bass more. Try all of them and pick the one that suits you most.

Excellent three frequencies thanks to DSP electronic crossovers. Again, excellent sound for compact 2.1 speakers system. Crisp, detailed and powerful bass! Yet it does not take much of your desk space. Yes, even putting the subwoofer on the desk too (you should do so). I like G1500. And I like G1500 MAX even more. Why? I can enjoy the deep powerful bass from G1500 MAX.

Enjoy well-tuned sound from Edifier. The highs are crisp and clear. Sharp yet no harshness at all. All the musical instruments can be heard clearly. Yes, this includes gunshots, footsteps, and others in the games. Mids are excellent as well. It produces natural and warm vocals. This applies to both males and females. Thanks to the added subwoofer. You and I can enjoy powerful deep bass. Powerful for such a small woofer. Compact yet performing. Yes, it surely gives impactful feedback in all the games.


  • Crisp, detailed and powerful bass!
  • Bluetooth, AUX & USB audio support
  • Outstanding Bluetooth range
  • Excellent build quality
  • Compact yet complete
  • Stylish with RGB lighting effects


  • None from me

Edifier G1500 MAX is one of the best compact 2.1 gaming speakers system. Period. It performs very well not only in games but is suitable for music and movies too. Highly recommended! What are you waiting for? Get yours at Lazada or Shopee now.


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