FUNWHOLE Castle on The Cliff Review – Gorgeous, Fun & Challenging!

What is the best way to spend your precious time with family? Play LEGO! So here you go – 1044 pieces of bricks to assemble. Yup, it is Castle on The Cliff (F9005) by FUNWHOLE. What makes it special? It consists of lights on top of the usual bricks. In addition, their brick sets’ design is lovely, unique and attractive. A nice toy for ourselves and as gift to others too. Interested? Let’s have a closer look now…

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  • FUNWHOLE for this FUNWHOLE F9005 Castle on The Cliff

Package Content
Everything comes well protected. There are a lot of building bricks in multiple packages, LED light kit, brick separator, user manual and service card in the package. Take your time to unbox them.

Yes, all the building bricks are packed according to the assembly stages. For example, the below pack is for stage 3. You don’t need to open all the packages in order to build this castle. One step at a time…

And here are some of the LED light kits, packed according to building stages too. Just unpack them when needed.

Service card and some stickers to attach to the bricks.

Battery holder that takes 3 AAA batteries, a tool for stickers and the useful brick separator.

A very detailed user manual in colour. Yes, it does provide all the step by step that you need. Just follow it and you won’t lost in the jungle. By the way, there is a soft copy on their website. Do check them out before you buy.

Design & Build Quality
Build quality is excellent. On par with LEGO bricks. In short, solid and quality bricks are what you get. Yes, bricks and bricks hold well and strong in between.

And here are some of the LED light kits. I love that USB plug is included. You can connect to AC USB adaptor or power bank as power source too. Follow by super bright LED lights that are visible during the day too.

There are a lot of brick set designs to choose from. For example, Steampunk Ore Train, Castle on The Cliff, Lakeside Lodge, Ocean Adventure Ship, Jack And The Beanstalk (Ⅰ & II) and Wood Cabin (Ⅰ & II). Therefore, just pick the one that you prefer and start to build it.

Mine is Castle on The Cliff. It has mechanical wheels to move the waves and Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Arthur. You have to rotate these wheels manually. But it is still fun to play with.

Here are the chain links with 43 tiny pieces together. Again, take your time to assemble them.

The best part of the design, you can remove the bottom plate easily to troubleshoot the chain links. Rectify it if can’t rotate smoothly. In my case, it could not rotate at all. Why? Because I installed the mechanical wheels wrongly. Luckily this step allowed me to swap between these mechanical wheels easily. No need to disassemble all of them. Again, great building layout design.

Performance Result
Okay, I had done 60% or all of the first 3 stages. That were the easy parts. The 4th stage is the hardest and most challenging. There are 9 packs of building bricks. All the previous stages have 3 to 4 packs only. And you need to install LED lights at this stage too. If this turn into a TV game, this is the final stage – fighting the big boss. So take your time and be careful all the way. Especially assemble the tiny LED lights.

As you can see, I can’t keep my table clean anymore for photos. All the tiny pieces of bricks are everywhere. Again, fun and challenging. You need to apply the stickers there too. Stage 4 can be easily separated into 2 stages to ease the building process. But FUNWHOLE decided to make it as one. So more ‘fun’ here. Be sure not to lose any tiny pieces of the bricks. Yes, there is a lot of them in this stage.

It looks smaller when compared to the bottom part because it consists of more tiny pieces.

At last, I finished stage 4. Castle on The Cliff is almost done at 90% now. The last stage is very simple just like the first 3. Alright, let’s finish it!

Satisfied!!! Hey guys, meet my gorgeous Castle on The Cliff. Yup, this is the daylight view with LED lights turned on. FYI, it can be powered by the built-in battery pack or through USB. By the way, I have 1 complaint only. It’s about the battery pack design. The on/off switch is hidden when attached to the building. So you can’t turn it on/off without taking out the whole battery pack.

And here is the night view. Lovely! By the way, all the LED lights’ wires are well hidden between the bricks. So you won’t see them easily. Again, nice design…

Have a closer look at the castle. Well, the outdoor does not have much light. So all the stuff outdoor is not so visible.

Yes, the waves can be seen clearly. It will be perfect with motorized rotation.


  • Gorgeous, fun & challenging!
  • Well packed & organized
  • Lovely unique design with attractive lights
  • Excellent build quality


  • Battery on/off switch design

Gorgeous, fun and challenging! Lovely and unique design. More information can be found on FUNWHOLE Website. You can get yours there with 10% Off coupon – Funwhole10%. Or Amazon too.


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