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FUNWHOLE Medieval Pier Inn Review – Enjoy Peaceful Life Above The Sea!

Hey kids, meet the largest brick set by FUNWHOLE – Medieval Pier Inn. F9012 has 2143 pieces of building bricks and 13 sets custom-made of light strings. As usual, it is loaded with an exclusive design. Transport yourself into a peaceful medieval village above the sea. Enjoy the beauty of this lovely building with lights turned on. Come on, let’s build it!

JMBricklayer Spaceman Review – A Must-Have LEGO-Compatible Set for Space Galaxy Fans!

Looking for a fun-to-play toy for your kids? JMBricklayer Spaceman 70109 will keep them busy and enjoy at the same time. Yes, all thanks to 900 high-quality ABS plastic blocks. In addition, it is also a nice and stylish astronaut model. Perfect for collectors to display at home and office. Interested? Let’s build it!

JMBricklayer 3 In 1 Medieval Weapon Review – Fun & Exciting LEGO-Compatible Set!

“Let’s war!!!” Dive into the retro medieval period with JMBricklayer LEGO-compatible set. 3 In 1 Medieval Weapon 30001 can turn into 3 models – ballista, catapult and bombard. It comes with 568 quality blocks for you to do so. Interested? Let’s build it!

FUNWHOLE The Ruined Temple of The Jungle Review – Fun & Relaxing LEGO Set!

Want to be an archaeology professor like Indiana Jones? Yes, you can dive into the ancient temple with the latest LEGO set by FUNWHOLE. The Ruined Temple of The Jungle F9010 is the one that you need. It comes with 1242 pieces of building bricks and 6 customized light strings. Enjoy the exclusive design with 3 adventurers – guide Allan, reporter Gloria and old scholar Henry. And explore the wonders with them. Ready? Let’s go!!!

FUNWHOLE Steampunk Train Station Review – Unique & Attractive LEGO set!

1843 pieces of bricks and a lot of attractive LED lights! Don’t forget the fun of building them together with your friend and family too. Yes, enjoy these with Steampunk Train Station by FUNWHOLE. It will take you back to steampunk world in the Victorian era. The station features a tower, segmented illuminated tracks, suspended trains, seats in the waiting area, train schedules, train route maps and posters on the second floor outside the platform. Interested? Let’s build it!


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