FUNWHOLE The Ruined Temple of The Jungle Review – Fun & Relaxing LEGO Set!

Want to be an archaeology professor like Indiana Jones? Yes, you can dive into the ancient temple with the latest LEGO set by FUNWHOLE. The Ruined Temple of The Jungle F9010 is the one that you need. It comes with 1242 pieces of building bricks and 6 customized light strings. Enjoy the exclusive design with 3 adventurers – guide Allan, reporter Gloria and old scholar Henry. And explore the wonders with them. Ready? Let’s go!!!

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Package Content
FUNWHOLE The Ruined Temple of The Jungle comes well protected as usual. Once opened, you can find a lot of packages of bricks, several LED light kits, stickers, tools, user manual and so on.

As usual, all the building bricks are packed according to the assembly stages. There are 9 stages in The Ruined Temple of The Jungle. For example, this pack is for stage 2 and it is the 3rd package. In short, you don’t need to open all the packages. One stage at a time…

4 sets of LED light kits. Again, unpack them when needed according to the building stage. That’s it.

Here are the support info and stickers. FYI, you can ask FUNWHOLE to send over the missing piece (if there is any). You should not need to do so because they include a lot of extra pieces usually.

Here are the tool for stickers, the useful brick separator and battery holder with USB port output (requires 3 AA batteries).

Lastly, user manual in colour. It is a very detailed step by step guide. Just follow them and build the LEGO set will do. For your information, there is a soft copy on their website too. You can check them out before you buy.

Design & Build Quality
Excellent build quality for the price. High quality and rock solid. Yes, they hold well together. You need to use some force to separate them, especially those smaller ones. In short, it is on par with LEGO bricks.

Here are some parts of the LED light kits. FYI, you can use power bank too instead of the included battery holder.

FUNWHOLE has a lot of brick set designs. For example, The Ruined Temple of The Jungle, House of Sweets, The Lighthouse of Alexandria, Steampunk Train Station, Steampunk Ore Train, Castle on The Cliff, Lakeside Lodge, Ocean Adventure Ship, Jack And The Beanstalk and Wood Cabin. Just pick the one that you love.

Performance Result
The Ruined Temple of The Jungle LEGO set is rather simple. Even my 10-year-old boy can assemble them. Well, almost. 90% was done by him. I am the one that installs those LED lights and connecting the wires as usual. Therefore, you should not have any issue to build it at all.

1242 pieces divided into 9 stages. You can’t get lost in the jungle. And it took us 2 days to finish it. Well, not in a rush way of course. 1 day also can if you are fast.

By the way, you need to install LED lights from time to time. So take your time and be careful. Especially when assembling the tiny LED lights’ wire. And most of the wires are well hidden between the bricks in the end. Nice design, right?

Layer by layer. One step at a time…

Keep going and here are the doors.

Rooftop and so on…

At last, meet The Ruined Temple of The Jungle by FUNWHOLE.

As usual, it looks the best with LED lights turned on. All the LED lights’ wires are well hidden between the bricks and behind the building.

Have a closer look at the lovely and attractive ruined temple. Oh, by the way. The 3 adventurers are the last stage. Just place them at where ever you want.


  • Fun & relaxing!
  • Well packed & organized
  • Lovely unique design with attractive lights
  • Excellent build quality


  • None from me

Collaboration with your friend and family is priceless. Yes, it is enjoyable to build The Ruined Temple of The Jungle by FUNWHOLE. Fun and relaxing. Interested? More information can be found on FUNWHOLE Website. You can get yours there or Amazon. Do check out their FUNWHOLE Facebook Page too.


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